Partner Spotlight: Jampp’s Joff Hamilton-Dick on prioritizing programmatic, marketer misconceptions, and more

June 19, 2017

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Natalie Breitbach
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Partner Spotlight is a series on our blog where we hear directly from advertisers, agencies, DSPs, publishers, and partners about industry hot topics, challenges, predictions, and more in a quick Q&A format. In this edition we interview Joff Hamilton-Dick, Head of Marketing at Jampp. 

 MoPub: What trends are you seeing in mobile programmatic right now?  

Joff Hamilton-Dick: As a performance marketing platform, we are seeing more and more advertisers interested in view-through attribution. These advertisers are moving away from Cost Per Install strategies that rely entirely on a last-click attribution model - which is susceptible to attribution fraud. With view-through attribution you get the benefit of collecting impression level data, not only so you can start assessing the true value of advertising collectively, but also giving you the ability to measure the value of each impression shown to a user. We’re already seeing RTB campaigns deliver better CPAs despite higher CPIs; add view-through to the mix and there is even more data to optimize on the impression level, reducing CPAs further. That’s the kind of trend that makes us happy!


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MoPub: What’s the biggest misconception in the mobile/programmatic/digital market today?

JHD: From a performance marketing perspective, there’s confusion around engagement “uplift tests” right now (to show the incremental value of engagement), how they work, and what they can and cannot prove. Requests for behavioral analyses, timeline comparisons, or even cannibalization studies often reach our shores as a request for “uplift”. The basis of these misconceptions is that advertisers forget incrementality/uplift tests require completely isolated control groups, which requires a full pause of their engagement campaigns while the test is running. Not everyone can agree to that. 

MoPub: What’s one thing you wish you could tell mobile app publishers?

JHD: You are a key part of this industry, and you can help make it better. Unscrupulous publishers are giving everyone a bad name, and tend to hide within less transparent networks. Provide impression level data to prove your traffic is genuine. Prioritize programmatic over non-programmatic. Advertisers are becoming more willing to pay for the actual incremental cost of media. Transparency, audience data, viewability, and real-time buying are key. 

MoPub: What’s the biggest challenge facing your business today?

JHD: We’ve seen the CPI market skew the entire industry for the past 4 years towards a false acquisition metric: installs. Although many marketers already understand that an install is just a “first open”, and not actually a real acquisition KPI, their management or board often still look at “downloads” to evaluate and measure growth. Then even when they have defined better KPIs, such as cost per registration, or return on ad spend, there is often a lack of precision when it comes to measuring/calculating that KPI. Great that you’re tracking registrations! But are you looking at that CPR based on event date? Afterall, a 30-day cohort could also be cannibalising your campaigns, right? It’s hard to consider your KPIs might be wrong when they show you “great results”, and that’s often been the case for install campaigns that are incorrectly measuring CPA/ROAS based off how events are attributed.

MoPub: What are you most excited about at your job right now?

JHD: We’ve always been centred on building and evolving technology that boosts mobile sales for advertisers. But in the process we’ve often forgotten to advertise ourselves, like the cobbler’s children having no shoes. As we’ve grown to be more successful and learnt how to meet the needs of some of the world’s fastest growing advertisers, we’ve realised that we have a great story to tell, and a ton of insights to share. Our marketing department is therefore nascent, but it means there are a ton of creative possibilities ahead which I am really excited about. 

MoPub: What are some of your most recent success stories?

JHD: From a technology perspective, we were thrilled to be featured by Amazon Web Services, highlighting the scale and efficiency of our platform’s data infrastructure (we can process 100Tb per day, 70 billions in-app events per month and 500,000 auctions per second). Most people don’t realise the massive infrastructure requirements needed to access RTB auctions - this has been a  core focus of our R&D team and we’re proud of how far we’ve come.  Our tech team are often our unsung heroes, so it's nice to give them a shout out once in awhile. From a growth perspective, our programmatic spend is at an all-time record week after week and we’re very happy that Q1 2017 was the largest quarter in our company’s history  - the culmination of a lot of success stories across our advertisers.

MoPub: Crystal ball - what will be the next “hot topic” that we’re all talking about in the next 6-12 months?

JHD: Fittingly, speaking of crystal balls, predictive technology and recommendation engines will become more topical in the future, as marketers become more sophisticated in their bid to programmatically acquire and engage new and existing customers. These are areas with a large desktop legacy that require a completely new approach (and rule book) for today’s true “discovery” platform: Mobile.

MoPub: What’s your favorite MoPub product?

JHD: MoPub’s traffic management dashboard is an efficient and powerful tool for managing Queries Per Second (QPS), providing Jampp with a diverse and granular set of variables to open, close and limit traffic targeting in real-time. 

From Jampp: Jampp is a performance marketing platform for acquiring and engaging app customers. We combine behavioral data with predictive technology to deliver revenue to advertisers globally. Learn more at


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