Partner success with OpenRTB 2.3

February 10, 2016

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Jeff Cunning
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Since we released our OpenRTB 2.3 spec last November, we’ve seen partners excited to take advantage of great new features from MoPub, as well as gain efficiencies from the latest standards in the industry.

Integrating these new standards does take time and effort, but it’s an important measure for partners to ensure they get the most out of each and every bid request. The OpenRTB 2.3 spec provides a strong foundation for programmatic buying, access to key new features from MoPub, and improved transparency around bidding performance.

A strong foundation for programmatic buying
OpenRTB 2.3 provides buyers with the core fundamentals needed for buying mobile programmatic. The spec newly brings standardization to buying native ads and inventory through private marketplaces so DSPs can more easily scale these types of campaigns across supply sources.

“The OpenRTB 2.3 spec from MoPub provides the key standards and capabilities we need to be successful buying mobile programmatic. We’re also keen to leverage all the new features coming from MoPub’s team, such as portrait and native video.” – Ari Paparo, CEO, Beeswax

Access to the newest features from MoPub
Integrating OpenRTB 2.3 provides access to the newest product releases from MoPub, such as native video, Deep Link+, and portrait video and orientation control.

Native video specifically is a key format we’re thrilled to put in the hands of buyers. MoPub has always had an acute focus on delivering ad formats that meet the user experience requirements of our publishers while also achieving campaign results for marketers. Native video is a perfect example that combines the strong user experience of native ads with the powerful results of video.

“One of the most important aspects of the OpenRTB 2.3 spec from MoPub is their support for native video. We’re excited to capitalize on the growth of native programmatic ads in concert with the strong performance of video.” – Mark Ellis, CEO, Liftoff

Improved transparency around bidding performance
Beyond important standards and new features, the transparency offered to buyers through the newest spec provides major benefits. Thanks to improved support for wins and clears in bid responses, as well as third-party impression trackers, it’s easier for partners to track overall bidding performance.

“The most impactful change for our team has been the support for third party impression trackers. We have been able to improve our bidding mechanics with additional transparency into our campaign performance.” – Jeff Marshall, CEO, CrossInstall

We’re thrilled about these successes of partners who have integrated OpenRTB 2.3. We look forward to continuing to release exciting new capabilities that partners can take advantage of through OpenRTB 2.3 this year.

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