Paul Gelb joins MoPub as Head of Strategy

September 18, 2012

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Jim Payne
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 I am thrilled to announce today that Paul Gelb has joined MoPub’s executive team as our Head of Strategy.

There are few individuals in the mobile advertising business who have the combination of talent, vision and the ability to execute: Paul is one of these. An early pioneer in mobile, Paul built up the mobile practice within Razorfish to be the fastest growing and second largest mobile agency in the US in 2011. Razorfish’s mobile practice drove $40M in revenue in 2011 and grew 150% Y/Y from an already impressive base. He was an early internal champion of mobile as a uniquely impactful marketing channel and built the organization from just him to over 40 employees.

Here at MoPub, Paul will be leading our Tier I publisher and demand-side business. Today, big media companies work with Paul to get access to brand/agency spend, but there is still a lot of pain involved for buyer and seller alike. Measurement doesn’t work reliably. There is no analog to ComScore where you can get audience demographics and reliable reach and frequency information. Then, you need to deal with legacy, non-scalable ad platforms and tools designed for the desktop.

Our goal is to make this whole process easier by letting software do the work: from measurement, to audience data to trafficking, we can automate it. Paul will be singularly focused on delivering on this concept. By supporting these relationship-driven, offline deals with programmatic buying, RTB and scalable easy to use technology. We believe that this will be a large source of revenue for our publishers, and it is a fulfillment of the vision of programmatic buying in mobile. It builds towards the vision of MoPub Marketplace that we set out when we launched a year ago: a better way to buy and sell media in mobile.

Paul will be working out of our NYC office and will be working closely with our existing team there, including our next most recent hire, Janae Redmond . Read more media coverage on Paul on MediaPost and AdWeek .

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