#PowerPlayers: Connecting strong women across adtech

April 05, 2019

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Kristiina Kansen
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There are many "women in media" groups and events, but we know that the adtech space specifically presents its own unique challenges and opportunities.

At MoPub, we’re proud to showcase strong female leadership: more than half of our leadership team and over 60% of our commercial team is comprised of women. Having diverse teams is something we feel passionate about. To celebrate women in our industry and provide a platform to connect, we kicked off a dinner event series called #PowerPlayers: Women in Tech. Every six months we plan to host a dinner for senior female contacts in the industry with the goal to connect, share experiences, and build relationships.

On April 2, we hosted the first edition of #PowerPlayers in New York City at Bryant Park Grill. We welcomed 15 guests and had seven women from our leadership and management teams attend. 

Power Players dinner MoPub

The evening was kicked off by a warm welcoming speech from MoPub’s Vice President, Janae Redmond, who was recently interviewed by Forbes on her perspective and experience in building diverse teams. "If you foster a team that is more inclusive, not just of gender but also of all perspectives and talents, then you’re much more likely to deliver better solutions and better outcomes,” she stated in the article. This event was about bringing that concept to life, and in her opening speech, Janae reinforced the importance of diverse teams and contributing to building a more diverse industry.

The dinner was a success based on the valuable discussions and new connections made. MoPub will be hosting our next #PowerPlayers dinner in San Francisco in October. We’re excited to grow this network and see more female leaders develop in the adtech industry.

Interested in joining the next dinner? Please reach out to your MoPub contact or send us a tweet @MoPub.

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