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April 04, 2017

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Meridith Miller
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MoPub is scaling access to viewable inventory in 2017 and is calling on our publisher partners to join us. We’ve talked about our commitment to empower publishers and buyers to scale viewability measurement, and have made significant progress over the past year to lay the foundation. As we approach our public launch, we wanted to take a moment to convey the work that has gone into this with Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Moat, and the value that we believe publishers will see from adopting this viewability solution.

In developing this solution, we listened to you, our publishers, and heard two themes with respect to supporting viewability measurement: “What if my viewability performance is low?” and “Are the budgets really there?” We believed that addressing these two areas upfront was critical to delivering a trusted solution for you.

Confidence in the data

Viewability is a newer buy-side requirement for mobile in-app and unchartered territory for many publishers. As such, some publishers have expressed reluctance about how viewability measurement will impact the value of their inventory, particularly given the emphasis being placed on this by large brands.

To address this, our primary focus was to first develop confidence in the data and expected future performance. This means that we’ve been testing with a number of publishers across a diverse number of apps (context, scale, user behavior), across all key ad formats. The data so far has shown consistent, positive viewability performance month over month, which gives us confidence in the expected future viewability scores across our publishers’ inventory.

In parallel, our technical teams have worked closely with Moat and IAS to ensure our SDK remains reliable and ultimately offers a robust viewability solution.

“MoPub has shown their commitment to providing a superior experience for their publishers with thorough testing and collaborative product work. We're excited to continue to expand our partnership, provide scaled measurement for publishers and marketers, and we applaud them for their diligence to ultimately bring more transparency to the mobile space.”  -Jason Cooper, GM of Mobile, Integral Ad Science

"We believe that by integrating with the most scaled SDK in the market, we will advance the industry by enabling publishers and marketers with the data they need to make the best decisions, including a deep understanding of how to reach people with viewable ads, understanding in-view exposure time, and ultimately obtaining attention at scale. We are proud to partner with MoPub as the industry advances towards developing new currencies, and commend them for their commitment to their partners and to moving the industry in the right direction." -Jonah Goodhart, CEO and Co-Founder, Moat

The budgets are real  

Recent statements from major advertisers like Procter & Gamble and Unilever have reinforced what’s at stake if we don’t all act with a sense of urgency. While such statements may sound an alarm, they shouldn’t come as a surprise.

We hear almost daily from our buy-side partners about new RFPs and specific campaign budgets for a viewability metric. Gilad Amitai, co-founder and COO of MoPub Demand Partner Ubimo, recently shared that they're currently turning away 30% of their potential monthly in-app revenue due to inability to provide viewability measurement; and he expects this number to grow.

“Millions of brand dollars are not going to publishers that cannot support viewable measurement. These budgets can't run without the ability for brands and their agencies to measure viewability. We're ready to direct this business towards MoPub publisher inventory as soon as it's available." -Gilad Amitai, co-founder and COO, Ubimo

While these viewability dependant budgets are real and advertisers are eager to spend them programmatically, they will go to app inventory that supports accredited viewability measurement over inventory that does not. Publishers that choose not to enable in-app viewability measurement may risk missing out on these major brand budgets. While speaking on a panel at this year’s Mobile World Congress, Alex Newman, MD of Mobile at Omnicom EMEA, offered, "To me as a buyer, the ability to measure viewability is the key to unlocking greater budgets, and I know others in my position feel the same."

Forward-thinking publishers like MeetMe, are already starting to see budgets from buyers who are willing to pay a premium to access measurable inventory now.

"Since integrating the viewability SDK, we are now being approached by DSPs to run specific viewability PMPs on MoPub. It's exciting to be able to unlock this new source of demand purely as a result of this measurement ability." -Nick Hermansader, VP of Ad Operations, MeetMe

As we approach the public release of our SDK to support viewability measurement, we encourage our publishers to start planning for this update. We want you to know that we are confident in the measurement solution we are taking to market, and believe the opportunity is ultimately yours to capture.

For more information, please reach out to your MoPub account team, or

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