MoPub’s Programmatic Academy “schools” marketers on the value of programmatic advertising

August 31, 2020

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Are there ever enough resources to detail the ins and outs of programmatic advertising? Here at MoPub, we believe that no matter how much programmatic expertise you have under your belt, it’s still worthwhile to take advantage of resources that tackle the very important questions surrounding the efficacy of programmatic advertising. To address this need, MoPub recently launched our Programmatic Academy webinar series to highlight market leaders in the programmatic space (from both performance advertisers and the top DSPs they employ) who shared their real-life experiences and insights on the value of programmatic advertising.  The goal of this series is to educate the advertising industry on the different stages of the programmatic campaign lifecycle. Read below for a full recap and to access the replays.

Session 1: Education

In this session, we tackled a broad range of topics from general questions such as “What is programmatic?” all the way through specific items such as the right creative strategy to employ for your campaigns.  Want to learn the basics of programmatic marketing?

Session 2: Evaluation

Next, we explored topics to consider when evaluating a DSP partner and setting up a programmatic campaign.  This is the session to watch if you want to understand what to keep in mind when it comes to client services, reporting needs, and the quality of a supply source before you ship your campaigns.

Session 3: Activation

The last stage of the programmatic campaign lifecycle we discussed is activation: This session tackles what really happens after a programmatic campaign goes live.  What are the things a marketer and DSP need to agree upon upfront?  What is the right cost model?  What’s the right creative strategy?  You’ll hear about the wins, the challenges, and the pitfalls to avoid from experts who have been there and have experienced it all. 

Throughout these conversations, our panelists got to the heart of programmatic trends, including: 

On education:
  • Sabrina Chen, Senior User Acquisition Specialist at Jam City touched on the importance of the marketer providing robust data to ensure that their DSP partner has the necessary information to power their tools and find the ideal users for her campaigns.  

  • Misha Syrotiuk, Head, Ad Networks & Programmatic at Huuuge Games walked us through the questions that advertisers should ask their prospective DSP partner. He explained the importance of ensuring that transparency is there and that accessibility to reliable reporting is key. He also walked us through the importance of asking the right questions when it comes to “the exploration stage” of your DSP partners, as this has a direct impact on “the amount of testing $$$ vs speed and quality of results” that a marketer can expect.

On evaluation: 
  • Mary Kim, Head of Growth at Gamehive had some invaluable insights on the importance of proactive account management, and open communication between marketers and their DSP partners. That open communication, Mary argued, ensures transparency in understanding the life cycle of their programmatic campaigns and performance changes.

  • Alex Noirot-Cosson, Product Marketer at Social Point shared perspective on what an in-app bidding algorithm means and addressed questions that can help marketers reveal what a bidder optimizes for.

  • Terry Koh, Growth Marketing Manager at Kabam emphasized the importance of checking what supply partners the DSPs work with - and of course, that they have to work with MoPub - and how some easy steps today can help you and your partners prepare for the post IDFA world.

On activation: 
  • Brendan O’Connor, Head, Account Management at MOLOCO broke down the importance of really understanding the capabilities of your DSP partners, including reporting availability and quality, account management expectations (how much communication will there be? Is the marketer kept abreast of any minor development or does it make sense to touch base as the campaign progresses?) and inventory expectations (what is realistic in terms of reach?).

  • Juliane Besler, Marketing Manager at Kolibri Games gave us her perspective with regards to setting the right KPIs for your campaigns. She is currently in the idle games space and noted that some KPIs do not change quickly, and others do not change at all. This is an interesting take as we see other advertiser verticals such as casual gaming where KPIs can change as frequently as twice a month!

  • Yoni Ellert, Director of User Acquisition at GSN Games noted that he believes that the most important thing when launching campaigns on a new DSP is that the DSP and marketers should align on goals and milestones prior to activating a campaign. In his experience, getting specifics from DSPs is important, though sometimes challenging, and making sure that you, the marketer, understand the tactics employed by the DSP to hit your goals versus over-reliance on the algorithm is key. This will help with learnings and could lead to performance improvements.

  • Levi Matkins, VP, Business Operations at LifeStreet, in agreement with the result of our audience poll, stated that a dynamic eCPM is the right cost model for campaigns. He touched on other outdated cost models and why his team does not rely on them any longer.  He also gave us his perspective on creative iterations and how key these are to the success of a campaign.  An interesting tidbit is that creative iteration has now become a centralized component of an informed advertiser.

If you missed these sessions, would like to revisit or are simply looking for more information on programmatic advertising, you can access them here

What viewers have said about our programmatic series:
  • “I tuned into the seminar and thought it was wonderful! Probably the best seminar I’ve listened to! it was great to hear all of the in-depth insight.” — Stefan Adamczyk, Head of Global Business Development, LifeStreet

  • “Thank you so much for the workshop — it was really well-structured and hit the right points.” — Pedro Alcaria, Advertising Monetization Associate, Wildlife Studios

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About the author: Franklin Ramirez, Strategic Partner Manager

Franklin is a strategic partner manager at MoPub, where he has worked for the past 5 years. He has worked with a variety of DSPs, most recently focusing on the performance side of the house.

About the author: Orsolya Szabo, Senior Programmatic Demand Lead

Orsolya is a Senior Programmatic Demand Lead working directly with performance advertisers via MoPub’s Marketer Program, helping them to succeed in programmatic media buying. 

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