Publisher Spotlight: How TMSoft’s Todd Moore found success by building (and monetizing) apps to solve personal problems

December 12, 2017

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Julia Martin
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We’re excited to introduce MoPub’s Publisher Spotlight video interview series, where app developers can find tips and inspiration from some of our top publisher partners. This interview series is not only about highlighting successful monetization strategies for apps, it’s also about sharing the stories of the people who make those apps a success.

App developer and long-time MoPub publisher Todd Moore has been building and publishing mobile apps for the last decade.  His most successful app, White Noise, has been downloaded over 20 million times and was at one point the #1 app on the iOS app store.

Press play below to watch the interview, or read on to learn more about Todd and TMSoft before watching! 

Although the company Todd founded, TMSoft, is relatively small (they have just 5 full time employees), they’re very successful.  But what’s most surprising (and impressive) is that Todd’s personal accomplishments span far past building popular apps.  You might not know it from first meeting him, but he also hosts a successful tech podcast called Tech 411, is a patented inventor (and even testified before congress on issues facing our patent system), a published author (check out his book, Tap, Move, Shake! about turning your game ideas into apps), and, believe it or not, once competed on NBC reality show, Treasure Hunters!  His life’s resume is filled with interesting and diversified skills, achievements, and adventures which will be sure to both impress and inspire you.

So how has Todd found the time and resources to run a successful app business while pursuing so many other passions?  His answer is simple: “The app industry opened up a lot of doors for me.”  He got in early, yes, but he’s been smart about his monetization strategy from the start, which in turn has afforded him the opportunities to dabble in areas outside of app development.

How does Todd monetize his apps?  In his own words, “We have in-app purchases, we have paid apps, but truthfully I would say 90% of all revenue comes from advertising… I’m embracing the free model, I think it’s the right thing to do.”  Here at MoPub, we think so too!  

Todd’s a self-proclaimed fan of the banner ad (“it’s done really, really well for us”), he’s dabbled with interstitials (“they have higher CPMs, but you can show less of them”), and going forward he’s looking to expand his use of native ads, especially in his apps with scrollable content.

Todd has been a MoPub publisher for years and calls the platform “a no-brainer for any app developer” in that he relies heavily on the adept platform and his valuable account team to support his ad monetization strategy so that he can spend most of his time “writing apps and solving problems.”

And solving problems he is!  “The most success I’ve ever had in the app business has always been when I’m solving my own personal problems. So in the case of White Noise, needing to sleep better, and now I’m trying to do the podcasting app because I’m not happy with a lot of the podcasting apps that are out there… I think those are the ideas that are going to be the best ones.”

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, a little motivation, check out our video interview with Todd, above!


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