Strong Mobile Advertising Growth Throughout the Holidays: Get MoPub’s Q4 Marketplace Report

January 16, 2013

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Elain Szu
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Q4 is always an exciting time in advertising. We typically see our largest revenues during this three-month period. While we expected an increase in advertising spend in Q4, we were beyond excited to see mobile advertising had risen dramatically, with over 50% gains in eCPMs across the board. High ad prices also sustained after the holidays and New Year into the first week in January, indicating continued ad spend and demand to reach mobile users. We are thrilled to share with you our quarterly MoPub Mobile Advertising Marketplace Report

The Mobile Advertising Marketplace Report takes an in-depth look at monetization, ad performance, and popularity among advertising sources across operating systems, devices, application categories and more. The report reflects data from MoPub’s real-time bidding exchange MoPub Marketplace, the world’s largest mobile advertising exchange. MoPub Marketplace data is representative of over 30 billion monthly ad impressions across two dozen categories, aggregated from over 12,000 applications, and over 40 demand-side platforms representing 58 of the top 100 largest brands worldwide and hundreds of performance advertisers.




The one line takeaway: Mobile ad prices spike with over 50% gains in CPMs, as the iPad overtakes the iPhone as most popular device among advertising sources

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In this quarter’s report, we highlight overall trends in competitiveness for mobile ad supply through three key indices: eCPM, click-through rate, and Competitiveness Factor (average bids per auction).

Post Holiday Trends Set the Tone for 2013

Also exciting is that mobile advertising prices remained high for all devices following New Years. While publishers  anticipated eCPM increases leading up to the holidays due to last minute advertising spend, post New Year’s prices were higher than in the first half of December! Ad performance after New Year’s surpassed click-through rates during the December holidays across all devices, with iPad impressions demonstrating an astonishing 2.2 percent CTR.

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Other Highlights from the Q4 Mobile Advertising Marketplace Report include:

Operating Systems: iOS demonstrated the largest spike in eCPMs, averaging 66% higher prices than the beginning of the quarter.
Devices: Prices rose among all devices, with average eCPMs for the iPad, including the new iPad mini, rising to $1.40. The iPad overtook the iPhone as the most popular device amongst advertising sources. Ad performance based on click-through rates (CTRs) across devices also continued to increase even after the holiday season.
Categories: Social networking, sports, and gaming apps were the most popular categories among advertising sources in the fourth quarter. The top category in Q3, health and fitness, demonstrated the biggest drop in popularity to sixth place.

The data reflected here is solely representative of quarterly trends from exchange-traded media and does not include any ad network or ad network mediation data. MoPub does not sell advertising and does not buy inventory. The data includes month-overmonth trends across over a dozen dimensions that impact revenue for mobile application publishers. Inventory on MoPub Marketplace is primarily from mobile application publishers with users in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Have questions or want more details? Email and we’ll get right back to you. You can download the full report and sign up the receive the next one here .


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