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May 14, 2013

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Casie Attardi Jordan
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A big part of making app monetization less painful is the integration process. We’ve always been dedicated to making integration and mediation for major ad networks like AdMob, Millennial, and iAd as easy as possible. Unfortunately, these particular networks require additional ad network SDKs and adapters to work in MoPub.

We’ve decided to streamline that process, and include all of the ad network SDKs and adapters along with our SDK into a single “bundle”. This means you no longer have to go to download SDKs from each individual ad networks’ websites and integrate the adapter. This is all included and will work right out of the box once you install the full MoPub SDK into your app.

Instructions for using these bundles can be found for both iOS and Android .

Of course, the bundles will always be updated with the latest version of the MoPub SDK as well as the ad network SDKs. We know this change will make the integration process easier, and let you spend more time doing what you want to be doing – building great apps.

You will need to create campaigns in the MoPub UI to start receiving AdMob, Millennial, and iAd ads.
Chartboost is not included in the bundles. Instructions to integrate them can be found here for iOS and Android .
All of the necessary frameworks, linker flags, and permissions for the ad network SDKs will have to be included in your project as well. The integration instructions above cover the dependencies.
The bundles remain completely open source. If you prefer to pull our SDK from Github, you can continue to do so with the repositories for iOS and Android.

Stay tuned for more product features that make monetization easier for new app publishers!

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