Introducing Rewarded Video on MoPub Marketplace

October 25, 2016

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Elain Szu
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We’re beyond excited to announce the GA launch of our rewarded video solution, which now includes over 70+ demand-side platforms (DSPs) from the MoPub Marketplace, and the ability to directly serve rewarded campaigns through the MoPub ad server. Over the past year, we’ve seen a major increase in video spend from our demand partners on MoPub Marketplace – and strong adoption of video inventory overall from our publishers. Rewarded video, in particular, has become one of the hottest formats since we launched network mediation for rewarded video last year .

Why our clients and partners love rewarded video

Rewarded video, also known as user opt-in video, is quickly changing the perception and experience of in-app advertising for consumers. By offering users a valuable reward in exchange for watching an ad, rewarded videos provide a low-risk means to introduce ads with minimal impact to the app user experience. In addition to the strong monetization opportunity for publishers, rewarded video ads have also shown to increase the overall time a user spends in the app . While gaming publishers have been using this type of user opt-in video ad for years, we’ve recently seen a broadening of rewarded video to all verticals, as publishers explore using everything from premium features to exclusive content as ways to incorporate rewarded videos seamlessly into their apps incentives for their users to stay engaged in-app longer.

The full-screen, non-skippable nature of these video ads also means that advertisers achieve nearly a guaranteed ad view and stronger overall performance. The strong value exchange of rewarded video with the end user means that publishers are increasingly using rewarded video in apps that didn’t previously have ads, bringing on new inventory and increasing reach for buyers.  We’ve made reaching these new audiences effortless for the 70+ DSPs already buying standard VAST video on MoPub Marketplace.

With MoPub, publishers will be able to take advantage of the full MoPub platform including direct advertising, network mediation, and our real-time exchange MoPub Marketplace to diversify their rewarded video ad sources, creating more reliable and predictable revenue. They’ll also maximize the CPMs that they can receive for rewarded video with price competition between networks and MoPub Marketplace buyers. We look forward to bringing an even greater revenue opportunity to publishers for their rewarded video inventory by making this format available on MoPub Marketplace.

Rewarded video is just one of the many ways we continue to invest in a platform to help publishers monetize with ad formats with the biggest revenue potential. We look forward to fostering the growth of this “win-win” format for both publishers and advertisers in the mobile ads ecosystem.

For more information about using MoPub for rewarded video ads, please contact or create an account to get started.

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