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January 24, 2012

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Bryan Atwood
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It’s no secret that smartphones have departed from desktop computers in the way that people interact with their devices, enabling a much more engaging experience between users and their information.  New paradigms like touch interaction and organizing information into apps have taken off in mobile and allowed app developers to offer more intuitive interfaces and faster access to data.

Just as app developers are finding new ways to present information to their users, advertisers are looking for ways to leverage the unique properties of mobile devices to reach customers.  One of the best ways to provide engaging ads is to use rich media formats that are designed with the capabilities of mobile devices in mind.  As a mobile advertiser, however, the task of showing an ad on a variety of devices with different dimensions and capabilities seemed overwhelming.

While it took many years for advertisers to agree on rich media standards for desktop, the mobile advertising industry is quickly converging on common technologies so that a rich media ad will run on any device and any app that supports the standard.  This past October, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced the final version of MRAID , the mobile industry standard for rich media advertisements (which incorporates much of the ORMMA initiative).  MRAID, which stands for “Mobile Rich-Media Ad Interface Definitions”, is a framework for mobile advertisers and publishers that will allow rich media ad creatives to run across all compliant devices and applications.

As a result, supporting MRAID ads with our iOS and Android SDKs was a no brainer for us.  Now advertisers can make a single creative for expandable or full-screen ads that can run on any MRAID-compatible app, including those powered by MoPub.  This is a game-changing advance in the industry, where advertisers previously needed to create a series of ads to handle various devices.  Equally important, expandable ads have proven to be much more effective for smartphone users since advertisers are able to get their message to customers without having them leave the app experience.  MRAID is designed for publishers that want do direct sales with more engaging ads as well as those that want to work with ad networks that support rich media creatives.

To get started with MRAID in MoPub, make sure you have updated your MoPub SDK to a recent version from our GitHub repository .  Advertisers can then use tools provided by rich media vendors like Celtra and Medialets to create MRAID ads.  These ad tags can then be dropped into MoPub campaigns and served to your newly MRAID-friendly app.  That’s all there is to it.  Now let’s get rich!

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