Case Study: MoPub helps Scopely increase eCPMs by 20%

January 14, 2013

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Natalie Sandoval
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Here at MoPub, we are very fortunate to have such incredible partners and clients. Today we highlight a very important partner of ours: Scopely, the leading developer of iOS and Android apps that people love to play and share. Scopely creates social experiences that are designed with the mobile device in mind. The outcome is best-of-breed addictive, social and viral apps with an amazingly engaged and growing community.

Scopely has prioritized user experience within its community. The company’s apps are built to foster one-on-one relationships between users, creating a highly engaged audience that offers a great opportunity for monetization. Scopely’s challenge was maintaining this positive user experience while optimizing for ad revenue. Their large audience, high engagement, and development pipeline also placed a premium on the ability to serve and manage direct sold ad campaigns.

Scopely chose MoPub to monetize its game and growing developer platform. They integrated MoPub’s SDK and utilized all parts of the platform, enabling direct sales, real-time bidding through MoPub Marketplace, ad network mediation, and cross-promotional ad serving.

Scopely’s strong results are testament to the value of MoPub’s ad server and exchange. MoPub Marketplace gave 40+ new demand sources access to Scopely’s inventory. Consequently, since switching to MoPub, their eCPMs for non-guaranteed inventory have increased by 20% to an average of $1.04. MoPub Marketplace now accounts for over 30% of Scopely’s non-guaranteed inventory. inventory quote To read more on our partnership with Scopely, and how they increased their remnant eCPMs by 20% through MoPub Marketplace, please check out the full case study here.

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