Self Testing with MoPub SDK

November 21, 2013

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MoPub Marketplace is excited to launch Self Testing (SimpleAds Demo) for our Demand partners. SimpleAds Demo is an iPhone and Android application that displays the three basic type of ads offered through MoPub – Banner (320×50), MRect (300×200), and Interstitial (320×480). We feel our partners will find immense value in this new feature.

Some of the Benefits Include:

  • Power is in your hands: You don’t have to rely on MoPub’s Client Services team to test
  • Flexibility to experiment with a variety of different ad types
  • Complete end-to-end testing of any creative asset

We feel its important to be able to properly use the SimpleAds Demo

(It does not help test the settings in their application/SDK. If you are able to render the ad successfully in the SimpleAdsDemo but not in a live environment of the same SDK version, it is likely due to improper integration on the publisher’s side.)

Here are Top level steps:

  1. Create a MoPub publisher account, app and ad unit placement

  2. Set up a line item to target your new ad unit

  3. Import and configure test-tag for direct serve

  4. Load SimpleAdsDemo app

  5. Test tag rendering and functionality

  6. End-to-end testing via Marketplace and test app

Download complete instructions here .

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