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August 22, 2012

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Jim Payne
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We’re excited to announce that we’ve revamped the layout for Guaranteed and Promotional campaigns to make campaign management even easier.  The new layout, based on Orders and Line Items, more closely aligns with how our publishers think about their Guaranteed and Promotional Campaigns.  Your current ‘Campaigns’ tab in your dashboard will be replaced with an ‘Orders’ tab, with several great new features that will make your daily management more simple and efficient.

For example, we’ve made it super simple to create more than one Line Item with the same settings with the Copy Line Item functionality, so you can spend less time creating each one.  You can even choose if you want to include the creative or move the new Line Item to another Order.

Other cool improvements include:
1) Better organization & management of your direct sold and promotional campaigns
  • Orders (Campaigns) allow you to easily group related Line Items (Placements) that might have different targeting or other characteristics
  • Copy Line Item allows you to reduce the setup time for creating campaigns
2) Increased visibility & control of the placements you have in-flight
  • Track the progress of placements and how they are tracking towards your overall delivery goals & metrics
3) Streamlined user interface shows you the right information at the right time
  • Updated display shows you only what’s relevant, archive items that you are no longer interested in viewing
4) Implications of the migrations
  • Each current campaign will be converted to one Order with one Line Item.  The Line Item will contain the same targeting as your existing campaign.
  • Line Item Details and Targeting are now viewable when you click “Edit Line Item”, otherwise they will not be shown.  Daily counts for creatives are accessible through Export functionality.

Also, big kudos to the MoPub team members involved in this launch! This was a big effort on the part of our whole Engineering and Product teams, and an exciting launch for the whole company.

Get more details on how to use the new Orders and Line Items layout here . Questions or feedback? As always, you can email or contact your Premier Account Manager!

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