State of Supply Quality in Mobile Programmatic | Part I: Fraud

June 22, 2016

Tags: Industry Perspectives, DSPs, 2016

Elain Szu
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We are pleased to release the first section of a whitepaper series that seeks to explain how fraud, viewability, and ad blocking are impacting the mobile advertising ecosystem today — to help marketers with more information about these important topics.

Supply quality is one of the most important aspects of any mobile ad campaign. Buyers care deeply about a broad range of issues that affect supply quality. Three particular components that affect supply quality have recently taken center-stage in mobile advertising: fraud, viewability, and ad blocking. While these issues aren’t new to digital advertising, they are a new focus for mobile — particularly because they manifest in mobile differently than other digital advertising supply sources.

It’s key for buyers to understand these issues in depth in order to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the ad dollars they are spending. And it’s important for players in the industry to work together in addressing these issues to maximize the value of mobile advertising for everyone involved.

In the first part of this series, we focus on how fraud impacts the mobile advertising ecosystem.

The full whitepaper, which covers fraud, viewability, and ad blocking, is now available: State of Supply Quality in Mobile Programmatic.

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