Summer Offsite 2011 - Santa Cruz

November 23, 2011

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Jim Payne
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At MoPub, we know that building an amazing product starts with having an amazing team, which is why we pride ourselves on having awesome company offsites. For example, last March we took our first annual company ski trip to Squaw Valley. Back then it was easy for everyone to cram into our winter season ski lease and buy new goggles for a few novice skiers on our team. Personally I was relieved that everyone made it back to SF in one piece.

These days, it’s a little harder to organize a fun offsite for a bigger team that spans San Francisco and NYC. Since I had recently bought a new bike and was eager to get some miles in, I compelled the team to join me in a low key ride through the Santa Cruz mountains followed by the beach and dinner.

What was originally pitched as a “easy, downhill bike ride” ended up being about two miles of downhill followed by twenty four miles of serious hills, traffic and a couple of flat tires… not quite the easy ride that I had promised everyone. Eventually, everyone made it back to the beach for a BBQ, where refueled after the three hour ride. And if that wasn’t enough physical activity, the team then played multiple rounds of highly competitive beach volleyball (rotations and all). Those still standing with the last rays of sunlight wrapped up the day playing touch football with awesome views of the ocean and beach behind us.

Later that night, we had a company dinner at a nearby restaurant, just in time to fend off impending soreness. At MoPub we have something called the “toasting tradition,” where we move around the table clockwise and toast the team, recent accomplishments, ridiculous stories, or just send a few barbs my way (I definitely got a few that night for the excruciatingly long bike ride). It’s gotten to be a pretty elaborate tradition, so dinner tends to last a while and turn into the after-party.

Check out a few pictures below.

I’m really proud of our ability to maintain an open and fun culture, even as we’ve continued to grow. And it’s great to see how easy it is for us to hang out together since that dynamic really does translate back into why we work so well with each other at the office.

As a skier, I’m looking forward to our next offsite: our second annual Tahoe trip, which promises to be even more epic than the last one. We are heading back to Squaw Valley, this time with five times as many people as last year. If you want to join us, check out our jobs page and send in your resume!

P.S. I apologize that this blog post is about two months late, but we’ve been busy working on Marketplace!

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