SundayToz reaps the rewards of MoPub’s full-stack platform

January 06, 2020

Tags: 2020, Publishers

SundayToz is a social and mobile gaming developer based in Korea, known for casual puzzle games. Originally operating on an in-app purchase (IAP) only model, SundayToz chose to add in-app advertising (IAA) to their business model. Looking to increase return on investment, SundayToz made the switch to MoPub’s full-platform solution and experienced positive results. 


Before switching to MoPub, SundayToz was looking to increase access to diversified demand and lower volatility in revenue. They also faced general in-app advertising challenges including:

  • Decrease in eCPM/performance despite changes to their waterfall setup.
  • Dependency on certain networks that ultimately received a majority of impressions, which caused a large fluctuation in revenue based solely on the condition and performance of those certain networks. 


  • Revenue (ARPDAU) increase 
  • Positive experience with MoPub’s diversified demand offering

After changing their mediation platform to MoPub, SundayToz experienced revenue growth and improved access to diversified demand. 

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