Supply quality: Doing the right thing at Twitter’s MoPub

May 13, 2020

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Supply quality is a daily topic of conversation for many in digital media. At MoPub, we receive a lot of questions from our buying partners when we discuss efforts to eliminate invalid traffic (IVT) from our exchange. Last year, we upgraded our approach to IVT prevention by partnering with two MRC-accredited vendors, DoubleVerify and Pixalate, in January, as well as launching a pre-bid IVT filtering solution in May. 

In our conversations with buyers, this is all positively received, but there is often a question of how much proactive effort MoPub takes to ensure supply quality. To put it bluntly, we get asked: “Would MoPub remove traffic from its exchange, even if buyers are willing to pay for it?”

We focus on building a long-term, durable business for both ourselves and our partners — not just driving short-term gains. So the answer to the above question is yes, and we did exactly that last year. 

Throughout 2019, we applied our partnership tools combined with our own scanning and account review processes, and ultimately decided to remove a number of publishers that were repeatedly flagged for suspicious behavior.

From MoPub’s exchange in 2019:
  • Apps removed: 120
  • Daily active users (DAU) removed: 60M
  • Daily impressions removed: 400M

We are building MoPub for the long-term as our philosophy is about driving deep rooted growth for our stakeholders. Taking action to remove publishers that are potentially problematic is a way for us to demonstrate MoPub’s commitment to quality.

Matt Derella, Global Vice President, Revenue and Content Partnerships, Twitter
Looking ahead

Supply quality remains a core focus for MoPub. We continue to invest in and improve our capabilities to instill confidence in our buying partners and their end advertisers that MoPub operates a high quality mobile ad exchange. 

In the past few months, we have ramped up our pre-bid filtering of suspicious inventory. As of February 2020 we automatically eliminate an average of 300M ad requests daily (9B monthly). Further, in situations where we do identify traffic as invalid, we compensate our buying partners for purchased inventory. 

In 2020, we expect to continue to make investments to enhance traffic quality, helping to ensure MoPub inventory is an effective investment for marketers. MoPub’s multi-step approach to traffic quality includes publisher vetting, pre-bid IVT blocking, post-bid IVT protection, and policy enforcement leveraging Twitter’s global cross-functional Policy Operations organization to investigate sources of invalid traffic.

Additional resources

For an overview of our comprehensive, multi-step solution for preserving traffic quality across our exchange please see Eliminating Invalid Traffic (“IVT”) from MoPub Marketplace. Finally, we encourage all of our partners to familiarize themselves with the technical requirements of our legal policies, which can be found in detail at:

About the author: Dan Kang, Head of Product

Dan Kang leads MoPub's product team. He is responsible for driving growth of the MoPub platform that improves the value returned to app developers and advertisers. Prior to joining MoPub, he was the lead for several key Twitter revenue products including performance, programmatic, and video ads. Before Twitter, he led the product team at Vungle scaling their video performance business. You can connect with Dan on Twitter @3puttDan.

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