Supporting app monetization post iOS 14

September 11, 2020

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Rupa Satrasala
Jeff Carlson
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This past June, Apple announced new app privacy changes, most notably a user permission requirement for IDFA collection. In an update published last week, Apple informed developers of a delay in that implementation. While the mobile app advertising ecosystem has a few additional months to prepare for Apple’s changes, iOS 14 is still being released later this month and there are actions required by publishers. 

Based on the latest currently available iOS 14 public beta, the advertisingTrackingEnabled API remains deprecated. Because of this, older versions of the MoPub SDK (5.13.1 and lower) will not be able to collect the IDFA or facilitate GDPR consent collection from devices that have updated to iOS 14.

To account for that and to ensure revenue optimization post iOS 14, MoPub recommends that publishers update to the latest version of our SDK 5.14.1, available now on iOS and Android.

MoPub SDK 5.14.1 will contain support for Apple’s SKAdNetwork and AppTrackingTransparency APIs for MoPub Marketplace. 5.14.1 will also include a foundation for viewability measurement improvements, several performance optimizations, and efficiencies to improve our publisher reporting suite. The recommendation for publishers is to update to 5.14.1 as soon as possible to avoid any impact to IDFA collection due to the API deprecation, and to take advantage of the performance enhancements.  

We remain committed to supporting the thousands of developers and publishers that rely on MoPub to fuel their mobile app innovation. If you have any questions, please contact your account team or visit our Support Center. You can see more iOS-14-related updates, including 5.13.1 certifications, on our developer page.

SDK 5.14.1 for iOS and Android are available now.

About the author: Rupa Satrasala, Global Head of Solutions Engineering

Rupa is the Global Head of Solutions Engineering at MoPub, helping publishers and networks integrate seamlessly, scale efficiently, and make the most of the MoPub platform. Rupa is based in San Francisco and enjoys working out and spending time with her husband and two baby boys, Shaurya and Siddu.

About the author: Jeff Carlson, Manager, Technical Solutions Consulting

Jeff has been with MoPub since 2015 and has worked in the greater mobile app ecosystem since 2008. At MoPub, he focuses on managing the team that provides expert technical support and services to our partners and clients in the ad tech supply chain. When not trying to solve complex industry technical challenges or evangelizing innovative products and solutions, he tweets at @jeffreycarlson.

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