Building sustainable mobile revenue: Insights from SEGA at Casual Connect USA

August 29, 2017

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Natalie Breitbach
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At Casual Connect USA earlier this month, SEGA CMO Mike Evans joined MoPub’s Anand Ramesh (Head of Publisher Partnerships, Americas) to discuss how mobile publishers can build sustainable revenue models. Highlights from their talk as well as a video of the full session can be found below.

Every publisher who’s building a gaming app has the opportunity to tap into the huge advertising budgets flowing into mobile games — but of course, not everyone will earn the same piece of the pie. What should app publishers focus on to build revenue that can sustain and grow their businesses? At Casual Connect, Mike and Anand discussed three key strategies:

1. Start thinking about ads early in the process of building your game.

Define your monetization goals upfront and deliberately build towards them. Consider your monetization strategy not just for the apps and games you’re building today, but the ones you’ll be building a year from now. Start early: think about ads as part of the product that you’re building and weave them in as a balanced part of the consumer experience, not an afterthought.

2. Build a portfolio.

Think about ad revenue and ad monetization as a portfolio. What’s the mix of ad formats you want to include in your game? Don’t just pick one format: much like a stock portfolio, you’ll want to balance your risks and optimize over time based on performance. Banners are an old standby, but newer formats such as native and rewarded video can drive higher eCPMs and even enhance the consumer experience when included thoughtfully.

3. Maximize competition for each impression with programmatic demand.

Enabling programmatic competition to complement your ad network demand can help you in two ways. First, by increasing competition for every ad impression, programmatic demand can help increase fill rates and drive higher eCPMs. Second, programmatic demand can bring high-quality and diverse advertisers to your app, including both performance and brand buyers across many verticals.

For more insights and specific examples from Mike's years of expertise at SEGA, check out the video below from Casual Connect USA 2017.

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