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May 06, 2011

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Bryan Atwood
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Testing your mobile ads can be a miserable process.  You’ve got to fire up XCode or Eclipse to run a development build of your app. And when things don’t work there isn’t much information to help you debug problems.  That misery multiplies when you want to do more complicated tasks like checking that your geo-targeting or your A/B test is set up properly.

Being app developers ourselves at MoPub, we built an internal tool that lets us check our ad campaigns right in the browser.  We thought other publishers would find it useful so we’re happy to announce that you can use this right from MoPub.  The tool lets you test out ads in a specific ad unit with full diagnostic logs and a view of the ad itself.  The user interface lets you set the device type, the country, any keywords and the segment of your users in case you are doing A/B targeting or impression limits.

The next time you adjust your ad setup in MoPub, give the web tester a shot to make sure that ads will display properly in your app.

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