The MoPub Adobe Air Plug-in is now open source!

February 08, 2013

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Elain Szu
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Stick Sports logo MoPub publishers developing across platforms with Adobe Air will be happy today with the release of an open-source Adobe Air plug-in for MoPub! Much like our Unity plug-in that we released a few weeks ago, this Adobe Air plug-in provides publishers with all the benefits of an open-source code owned by the community. MoPub clients developing with Adobe Air can change and troubleshoot issues directly and without delay. We're especially excited that MoPub publisher Stick Sports, with their addictive cross-platform games like StickTennis and StickCricket, built the Adobe Air Native Extension for community use and have provided useful and comprehensive documentation. And, true to open-source, the Adobe Air plug-in for MoPub is completely free! Download it today for iOS and Android here.  

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