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August 30, 2013

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Elain Szu
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Update: We are currently making updates to our data infrastructure.  As a result, the Optimizer is presently not available to the general public. If you would like to be notified when the Optimizer is available, please add your contact information here . [July, 2014]

After months of development and anticipation, we’re happy to introduce the MoPub Optimizer today. Simply put, the Optimizer minimizes the pain and savvy required to manage your ad networks every day ? and offers even better results.


As fans of all things programmatic, the need for something that more efficiently and effectively addresses ad network management for our clients was clear. Publishers large and small, mobile first and cross-channel, have often said that there must be a “better” way to balance the tradeoff between direct control over and automation of their ad network management.

The Optimizer provides publishers with the option to automate their network prioritization and maximize their revenues at the same time. To do so, we also had to overhaul our network management interface so that you could activate the Optimizer for specific “segments” of your inventory. A “segment” is a piece of your inventory with specific apps or ad units that can then be limited to specific ad networks and countries. Within a segment, you can then control the priority order in which your networks receive an ad request manually or enable the Optimizer to automate your daily ad operations.

We took this automation a step further and introduced an intelligent algorithm to include variables that can only be tracked programmatically ? and with scale. The Optimizer analyzes and combines dozens of data sources to provide real-time optimization for every ad request. This includes the eCPMs provided by users, network-reported data, geographical performance, ad latency, historical app and ad unit performance, and dozens of other variables to update your network prioritization. We also put in safeguards to ensure the purest possible data is used. For example, we prioritize historical network data delivered through the network’s reporting API over other sources (another reason why network reporting APIs are important). Best of all, it’s dynamic and continually “learns” so the more you use it, the better the system becomes at maximizing your revenue.


Does it actually work? You can see the results from the MoPub Optimizer for a beta publisher on their overall eCPMs. We enabled the Optimizer for one of the apps of an entertainment publisher and compared it to the publisher’s overall account and a control app with similar characteristics. During the ten week period, the app with the Optimizer demonstrated markedly higher eCPMs than the control and account as a whole. Moreover, it allowed the publisher to incorporate data that they would not have access to such as ad latency.

For more details on what else the Optimizer offers publishers, check out the Optimizer product page .

Major props to our engineering and product teams for, again, pushing the boundaries on innovation! button-test

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