The MoPub Unity Plug-in is now open-source!

July 21, 2015

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Elain Szu
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December 2016 update: Several publishers have correctly pointed out that the current Unity plug-in is close-sourced with .unitypackage files. MoPub is aware of this and is working to re-open the underlying source in 2017.

July 2015 update to our Unity support: MoPub is invested in continuing to build support for Unity developers. That’s why we’ve made improvements to our existing Unity plugin that makes integration faster and even more simple than before — with just one click, Unity developers can add adapters for top third party ad networks. Click here to learn more.

We’ve made monetizing and developing mobile games with Unity even easier today with the release of an open-source Unity plug-in for MoPub. This release also means that MoPub publishers that want to build cross-platform with Unity can now do so completely free!

It’s our goal to provide publishers with the most transparent and flexible tools that enable them to monetize their apps as effectively as possible. Much like the MoPub SDK, an open-source version of the MoPub Unity plug-in means that you can modify and troubleshoot issues without relying on any third parties (including us) to respond.

By providing Unity developers with the open-source plug-in, we’re also handing the support for this important third-party tool back to the community. With a growing community of Unity experts, we’ve found that MoPub publishers can offer more comprehensive feedback and expertise to support Unity development than even our own team.

Get the plug-in for iOS and Android today!

The Unity adapter was originally launched in 2013.

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