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October 21, 2010

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Jim Payne
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One of the conveniences of MoPub for mobile publishers is the fact that our client-side SDK is completely open source under the BSD license. We’ve chosen Google Code to host the project .

When we started MoPub, as app developers we were frustrated with complicated integrations with native SDKs.  Each ad network has a slightly different set of protocols and you constantly have to stay up to date with the latest SDK version in order to make sure things work properly.  If you upgrade to the latest XCode, things can break.

We wanted to spare developers this pain.  Our open source SDK integrates at the source level so you don’t run into binary incompatibilities.  But more than that, if you run into issues (crashes, etc.) you can open up the source and see what’s going on.  Not only does it keep us honest, but it also allows the community to make the client integration code better and better over time.

We’re working on documentation for our server side APIs, too, so if you want to use MoPub on a platform that we don’t support or in a totally custom way, you can do that.

Let us know if you’d like to become a contributor or if you have any thoughts on how we can make the open source MoPub SDK better.

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