Thought Exchange video series, episode 2 (part 2): Top LATAM market trends mobile marketers need to know today

April 16, 2020

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Julia Martin
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If you’re a mobile app marketer with a global audience, you understand that the Latin American (LATAM) market is big, but the growth potential and opportunity is even greater.

In Part I of this episode, we spoke with two top Brazilian marketers — Simon Gamboa, former Head of User Acquisition at Tapps Games and Henrique Prado, User Acquisition Lead at Fanatee —  about some of the challenges that user acquisition (UA) managers in LATAM, and specifically in Brazil, face on a daily basis.  Today, we’re talking about how you, as a mobile marketer, can most effectively reach and scale your LATAM audience.

Want to jump directly to the video insights? Check out the table of contents below:

1:07-4:00: How business strategies differ in LATAM (vs. other markets)

6:33-9:25: The importance of ad monetization in Brazil (and why Rewarded Video ads work best!)

9:26-14:58: A recipe for success: the value of bringing UA and monetization teams together

15:35-19:45: Advice to companies looking to effectively reach the LATAM market

19:48-24:18: The (LATAM) opportunity ahead!

A different strategy may be needed to tackle LATAM

It’s important to remember that you may need to take a different approach to your overall business strategy in LATAM as compared to other markets.  Localization of both your ad creatives and also of your content is key. At Fanatee, where language is core to the gameplay in their most popular titles like CodyCross and Stop!, localization means much more than simply translation.  Henrique says he and his team at Fanatee “look at localization very deeply;” they must take into account the colloquial aspects of a language to ensure their messaging is contemporary and resonates with their audience, especially the younger generation.

In addition, most app publishers (even those heavily reliant on in-app purchases) will find that the most effective way to monetize LATAM users is through ads.  Simon admits, “[Brazilians] don’t have a culture of in-app purchasing,” and most would pay ten dollars for a cup of coffee rather than one dollar for an in-app purchase, even if it’s in a game they love.

However, Simon cautions not to overdo it with ads or you’ll face backlash, particularly from Brazilian users.  “If you don’t have the proper balance [of ads] in your app,” he says, “you’ll get a lot of 1 star [ratings].” This is because Brazilians tend to be “very vocal” online and are quick to share frustrations when it comes to disruptive ad experiences.  It is for this reason that rewarded video ads work very well for most apps — users “opt in” to see ads and in turn, are much more receptive and engaged with those ads.

Do your homework and come prepared 

We can’t reiterate enough that LATAM is growing and growing fast.  In order to tackle this important market and set your company up for long-term success, you’ll need to come prepared.  Simon recommends recognizing that LATAM is many separate countries, with their own opportunities and challenges. “Some [LATAM countries] are very similar, but some are not.  Don’t think of us as one single country.” In other words, do your research and identify the trends, user behaviors, and the differences that make each country unique. Tailor your UA strategy and ad creatives accordingly.

Finally, as is true anywhere, understand how markets can change and evolve rapidly.  Simon points out there are “local situations, local politics, local economies” that can cause huge and immediate changes in user behavior and revenue.  

We hope you enjoyed exploring the LATAM opportunity and hearing from Simon and Henrique as much as we did.  Please remember to reach out to our team if you have questions or are interested in working with us!

About the author: Julia Martin, Senior Programmatic Demand Lead

Julia has been in the digital advertising industry for 10+ years, working on both the supply and demand sides of the business. At MoPub, she's currently focused on helping top mobile app marketers develop & refine their programmatic user acquisition strategies to achieve optimal scale and success. She lives in sunny LA with her husband, goldendoodle and two young (& very vivacious) kiddos. You can find Julia on Twitter at @JuliaLovesApps.

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