Three important questions about ad network mediation for publishers

May 24, 2016

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Elena Elfimova
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We’re excited to release a new report that brings insights from the MoPub platform to help publishers better navigate the monetization journey. This report offers a data-driven perspective to help publishers drive more value from their ad network partnerships.

Read on for highlights, or download the full report .

Even as programmatic buying continues to grow, for many publishers, partnering with ad networks is core to their monetization strategy. Publishers tend to partner with different ad networks across many variables including region and ad format, but lack a definitive source about the number of ad networks to work with and how to maximize their revenue and efficiency.

Below is a snapshot of key findings that show how MoPub publishers work with ad networks, which ad networks are high performing on MoPub, and benchmarks for ad network performance.

More than half of premium publishers tend to work with 2-5 ad networks

image1 The number of ad networks publishers should work with is not always clear. Publishers partnering with just one ad network may have lower fill rates, which could narrow their potential revenue stream, while publishers working with too many networks may spend time and resources managing increased complexity.

The share of impression volume held by the top three ad networks in each region displays various degrees of fragmentation.

Publishers with traffic in regions where concentration is lower may consider working with more than just the top three ad networks.


Advertisers invest more in inventory that delivers high click-through-rates because it helps drive conversions, resulting in higher publisher revenue.


We hope you will find these insights useful to your monetization strategy.

In addition to connecting to over 175 DSPs on MoPub Marketplace, publishers can work with more than 60 networks using our mediation platform through our custom events feature and our supported networks included in our partner program.

We’re always looking for ways to help publishers earn more revenue by offering insights to help maximize their monetization strategy. Get regular updates on more insights like this by following us on Twitter. For questions, please contact us at

*Ad network mediation allows publishers to allocate inventory across multiple ad networks in order to maximize fill rates and effective revenue.

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