Introducing Twitter Audience Index: Leverage the power of unique Twitter audiences directly on the MoPub exchange

August 02, 2021

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Introducing Twitter Audience Index on the MoPub exchange
Jon Cooke
Jon Cooke
Phyllis Huang
Phyllis Huang
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As consumers’ attention within mobile apps continues to grow and privacy policies, regulations, and technologies evolve, it's important for advertisers to find new and impactful levers to reach their audiences. Today, Twitter provides interest-based targeting capabilities built on insights around the topics people connect and engage with on Twitter. We’re excited to announce that as part of the Twitter family, MoPub will now be leveraging these unique audience insights to create inventory packages with apps that correspond to these interests by matching them to in-app signals we see on the MoPub exchange via a new curated inventory solution: Twitter Audience Index.

Built on Twitter’s unique social data, MoPub can help advertisers curate inventory composed of mobile apps that index favorably for specific behaviors exhibited on Twitter. Advertisers can choose from a range of over 25 interest categories, such as style & fashion, sports, and home & garden, and 350 sub topics, such as baby apparel, NFL football, and interior decorating, that align directly with campaign objectives (i.e., people passionate about gaming, football, and sports apparel).

MoPub Marketplace Twitter Audience Index Inventory Package

Advertisers are adapting to changes in a new privacy landscape, including evolving targeting practices that are aligned with new privacy policies and audience data use, and are looking for new and meaningful targeting capabilities to reach high-value audiences. With Twitter Audience Index, we are able to bring a differentiated targeting capability utilizing proprietary mobile signals that fit seamlessly into the buyer’s existing programmatic workflow.

MoPub is an integral part of the Twitter family and between the two we have the unique opportunity to bridge social and programmatic signals together. We’re excited to increase our product investments towards helping advertisers find new and interesting targeting capabilities in a rapidly changing environment, and to offer advertisers this exciting and exclusive new way to connect with their target audiences.

Sarah Personette, Chief Customer Officer, Twitter

The ability to combine unique signals from social environments with the efficiency and scale of programmatic buying is really exciting; we were pleased to be Twitter's first agency to test this product and continue to include it on campaigns where this approach makes sense.

Nuria García, Programmatic Specialist, OMD Spain

As one of the largest mobile in-app exchanges, reaching almost 1.6 billion addressable users and supporting over 2 trillion quarterly ad requests, MoPub is committed to helping advertisers reach their most valuable audiences. We’re excited to now be able to leverage signals gathered from the most current and relevant topics happening on Twitter as a part of these efforts.

Ready to get started?

Advertisers and DSPs can tap into this new solution immediately through MoPub’s Deal ID functionality. 

To learn more about this unique offering, please reach out to your MoPub representative or get in touch with our team.

About the author: Jon Cooke, Director of Advertisers and Agencies

Jon Cooke has seventeen years of sales and sales leadership experience in digital media and ad tech, currently managing a global sales team for MoPub, a division of Twitter, in New York, NY.

About the author: Phyllis Huang, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Phyllis leads go-to-market and global commercialization for MoPub’s advertisers, agencies, and demand partners. She comes with almost 10 years of experience in the advertising space.

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