Ubisoft doubles user LTVs using rewarded video

March 17, 2016

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Elain Szu
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One of our goals at MoPub is to facilitate knowledge sharing between our clients to help you drive better results. Rewarded video ads are one of the most talked about topics among both publishers and advertisers recently because of their strong performance and clear user value. Top gaming publisher, Ubisoft, served over 685 million ad requests in two months and doubled user lifetime values (LTVs) across several titles using MoPub’s rewarded video mediation capabilities.

Rewarded video ads have doubled the average LTV of our users in some cases and improved the reciprocity of what we offer users in-app. We just wanted one platform to manage all our ads and I can trust MoPub to manage all our rewarded ad networks — and more importantly, offer us longer term ways to increase revenue.

Baptiste Chardon, Monetisation Manager

Read the success story below.

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Ubisoft – Publisher Success Story from MoPub

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