Powering gaming developers: MoPub simplifies integration process with plugin for Unity Editor

April 03, 2019

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Calvin Yeung


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Gaming apps today are big business, and MoPub understands that developers need simplicity and speed when it comes to building games, and efficient ways to incorporate ads into their games. Our goal is to serve developers and given that the Unity Engine is used to create a large portion of the world’s mobile games, we are committed to making it easier for them to get started. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve extended the capabilities of the MoPub plugin for the Unity Editor, making it easier than ever to integrate the MoPub SDK and MoPub supported networks into apps built on Unity.

The MoPub plugin for the Unity Editor enables developers to integrate and update the MoPub SDK and supported network adapters with just the click of a button, and setting up an ad placement will no longer require coding. This dramatically reduces the amount of time developers need to spend on these steps. Previously, developers who wanted to insert ads into their games had to go through a tedious process of integrating with various ad networks, managing their adapters and SDKs, and previewing how ad units would render in their games — all of which required developers to locate, download, and place the correct files and lines of code into the right projects.

We believe that MoPub’s industry-leading plugin for the Unity Editor is the foundation for achieving our vision of helping mobile app developers easily and efficiently earn ad revenue from their games. To start, we’ve included a MoPub menu and SDK manager within the Unity Editor UI. This allows developers to easily:

  1. Access release notes and documentation.

  2. Report issues.

  3. Update their app(s) to the latest MoPub SDK and mediated network SDKs/adapters with just a single click (from download and install, to replace the older version).

SDK manager demo

Game developers should spend time building games, not integrating SDKs and setting up ad placements. We’re excited to be able to help make this process quicker and easier for gaming developers. However, we are just getting started with a lot more to come, so stay tuned for further improvements to the MoPub plugin for Unity.

If you are as excited as we are about simpler ad monetization, take a test drive with our latest SDK to get started or check out this developers page for more information.

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