Video Ads: What you might be missing out on!

October 05, 2011

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Elain Szu
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Here at MoPub , we like to provide our publishers with the tools to serve their advertisers’ needs. Recently, we’ve noticed a big increase in demand for video advertising in apps. And just like in the desktop display world, these video ads tend to come at high CPMs and can offer users a more engaging experience.

Because of that, we’ve partnered with VDopia to provide video ad serving in MoPub . Right now we support both their VDO and native video tags, both of which are capable of showing auto-play or click to play video.

We’ve already had strong success with multiple campaigns for major movies. For example, Miniclip , an online and mobile games publisher with over 65m monthly unique users, ran a campaign for a recent DVD release in their Pocket Sailor game.

First, they went into to the VDopia website, uploaded a mp4 video, and generated a javascript ad tag.

By simply dropping the VDopia javascript tag into their previously created interstitial ad unit within the MoPub UI, they were able to start showing video ads between levels in Pocket Sailor.

What resulted was an immersive high quality video ad with a leave behind page that the user could interact with.

You can find detailed instructions for trafficking video ads in MoPub here.

Thanks to Miniclip and Pocket Sailor for using MoPub – we love working with innovative customers!

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