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August 31, 2017

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Meridith Miller
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Today, we’re excited to announce the global launch of the MoPub SDK with viewability support from Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Moat, an Oracle solution, two of the leading independent measurement providers. With this release, any publisher who updates to our latest SDK will now be able to offer buyers in-app inventory that’s measurable for viewability (as well as any of the other metrics that IAS and Moat offer).

A seamless solution, built to scale

When we began to invest in viewability measurement, our aim was to build a scalable solution for publishers and buyers alike.

For in-app publishers, we know that supporting multiple SDKs can be resource-intensive and disruptive. For marketers, and the DSPs who support them, we also know that they typically have a measurement provider of choice.

To address these somewhat competing interests, we collaborated with both IAS and Moat by integrating their measurement SDKs into the MoPub SDK. With this solution, both measurement providers are enabled by default in any one of the 49K+ apps on our platform as soon as a publisher updates to the latest version of our SDK. In addition, publishers looking to enable viewability measurement for their direct campaigns or mediated network partners can also do so through our integrated SDK.

Confidence, transparency, growth

For marketers, viewability is only continuing to rise in importance. In March of this year, the percentage of marketers who said they care about viewability in digital advertising increased by 63% compared to their responses just three months prior.*

At MoPub, we hear this theme echoed by buyers every day, and see this release as a key milestone in helping digital marketers realize the potential of mobile in-app. Catherine Patterson, Senior Director of Inventory Partnerships at The Trade Desk says, “We work with premium brands around the world, and a top ask to enabling in-app spend is access to viewable inventory. Our buyers want consistency in measurement across devices and investment is prioritized by where they can measure. The ability to leverage independent verification, such as IAS and Moat on MoPub, is going to immediately enable our clients to increase spend in-app.

Measurable insights, greater revenue potential

Unlike on the buy-side, viewability is relatively new for in-app publishers. Yet we know from the maturity of the metric on desktop that this data is just as valuable to a publisher as it is to a marketer.

The early experience of TheScore, a sports utility app that gives live scores, breaking news, stats and more across all major sports worldwide, illustrates the impact MoPub’s viewability solution has had on their monetization strategy. Taylor Coulis, Director of Programmatic at TheScore, affirms: "Viewability has become critical for our monetization strategy. It’s helping us deliver the right value and meet the goals of our advertisers, as well as drive an increase in revenue. MoPub’s SDK for viewability gave us an easy solution to implement, and we’re excited to be partnering with them to support this key initiative."

"This partnership will enable publishers to drive greater revenue potential while providing brands with trusted metrics and actionable insights to improve their in-app buying decisions," said Jason Cooper, General Manager, Mobile at IAS. “We are excited to partner with MoPub to improve transparency in the programmatic in-app market with a scalable solution that benefits both in-app publishers and marketers alike.”

"We’re proud to be working with MoPub in assuring marketers that their in-app ad buys have the chance to be seen and grab consumer attention—the scarcest resource for brands," said Jonah Goodhart, SVP at Oracle Data Cloud and Co-Founder of Moat.

If it matters to the marketer, it matters to our publishers. We’re excited to bring our partners the confidence they need through offering scaled viewability measurement on MoPub, and to continue supporting the growth of the mobile in-app opportunity.

Get started

If you’re a MoPub publisher, download the latest version of our SDK to enable IAS and Moat in your app. If you’re a buyer looking to access measurable inventory through MoPub, please contact your account team, or DSP partner.

*Credit Suisse, "The Future of Advertising," April 25, 2017

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