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April 09, 2013

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Janae McDonough
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MoPub, the largest source of Mobile RTB Supply, can now be accessed through AppNexus.

It has been an active couple of weeks in the mobile space and no surprise, with Ad:Tech in full swing, it’s already proving to be an exciting week.

This morning, AppNexus announced at their semi-annual Summit that they will be joining the ranks as a MoPub demand partner. We are excited to see the biggest and most forward thinking desktop RTB leader, move into mobile.  It provides further evidence that the intersection of programmatic buying and mobile has become the epicenter of rapidly shifting and growth of ad spend. It was only four short months ago, Appnexus CEO, Brian O’Kelley stated in an article to AdExchanger, “[mobile] is interesting, certainly, but we don’t have any big announcements or big road map right this second. We’re still saying ‘Where does our business fit into the mobile ecosystem?’”. This move represents a fairly significant shift in strategy and it happened quickly.

AppNexus’ investment in mobile is exciting for MoPub for a couple of reasons. First, AppNexus represents a significant aggregation of demand, including everyone from first party buyers to ad networks. Second, traditional desktop buyers who leverage their platform and technology today will now have a way to seamlessly access MoPub Marketplace inventory as part of their media buying strategy. This means a whole new set of demand partners will now be buying on the Marketplace who historically did not have access. Lastly, providing access to many new buyers diversifies the advertisers and ad budgets for our publisher base.

Overall I am incredibly excited about AppNexus’ new focus on mobile and am looking forward to working closely with their team.

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