Advanced Bidding significantly reduces operational costs and increases ARPDAU for Seoul-based app publisher 111%

Founded in 2015 by Kim Kangan, Seoul-based app publisher 111% is a leading mobile game company with over 150 games to its name, including global hits such as Random Dice, Wild Tamer, and BBTAN.

111% monetizes its games with a combination of in-app purchases (IAP) and in-app advertising (IAA). Thanks in part to MoPub’s unique demand from Twitter, hands-on client services, and Advanced Bidding (which currently includes Facebook Audience Network, AdColony, Mintegral, Tapjoy, and Verizon as bidding partners), they have been able to improve their ad performance, enhance operational efficiency, and allow the team to focus on more strategic initiatives.



111% recognizes that traditional waterfall mediation, which relies on historical eCPM, is leaving money on the table. Further, the approach is highly complex and resource-intensive, rendering the ad monetization operation unsustainable. 111% understands its ad monetization approach must be optimized in order for IAA to become a durable revenue stream, and to help fund future game developments. They also need to improve their ad monetization operational efficiency, ensuring a positive return-on-effort and allowing the team to focus on more strategic efforts. 


Solution and results

111% decided to implement Advanced Bidding with Facebook Audience Network and AdColony as bidders in Random Dice, which enables them to compete in a unified auction against 130+ DSPs from MoPub Marketplace and other mediated networks. Since going live with Advanced Bidding, the 111% team has spent significantly less time on waterfall management, reducing their ad operational cost by 50%. Based on a month-long A/B test that compared the results of Advanced Bidding to a well-optimized waterfall setup, the results exceeded their expectations:


I believe MoPub is the optimal monetization platform to maximize in-app advertising revenue. During the A/B test, Advanced Bidding showed better performance than the existing waterfall setup, and we expect this increase in ARPDAU to persist. Additionally, the MoPub Korea team has always demonstrated unparalleled knowledge and expertise in ad monetization, and thanks to their support, we were able to achieve great results without a significant drop in eCPM even during the peak of COVID-19 period.

- Jihoon Byun, COO, 111%

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