Success stories

MoPub and Bigabid collaborate on creative optimization strategies providing advertisers over 150% ROI on retargeting activities

Bigabid is a data science company that has developed a second-generation DSP optimized for in-app advertising, user acquisition, and re-engagement, providing both the scale and precision required in a hyper competitive mobile market. Through proprietary technologies like deep categories, for example, Bigabid helps advertisers reach users with the greatest engagement potential and highest LTV.

Challenge and opportunities

Bigabid was looking for new ways to optimize creative performance for advertisers, and needed to rely on a trusted programmatic exchange that was well respected in the industry, had a strong network of advertising partners, and provided top notch client service in order to help them achieve their creative optimization goals.

The MoPub Difference

To maintain the quality and scale of available inventory to advertisers, MoPub and Bigabid partnered to unlock new opportunities by increasing access to high-quality mobile supply utilizing creative optimization strategies. This included:

Supply quality

MoPub’s quality in-app supply stood out to the Bigabid team. MoPub’s technical team counseled the Bigabid team to help them optimize their creative choices for ad formats through the MoPub exchange, resulting in a significant uplift in performance metrics for advertisers, compared to the previous quarter resulting.


MoPub helped Bigabid uncover unique inventory via custom deals that best fit the needs of their advertiser customers.

Ad format

Bigabid utilized MoPub’s tailored insights to build a customized bidding strategy for fullscreen and rewarded video formats, maximizing opportunities while ensuring smooth campaign delivery for a new advertiser client.


Bigabid was able to improve overall performance against eCPI and CTR while increasing the volume of ad impressions. By building out a custom bidding strategy, Bigabid and MoPub collaborated to bring unique demand to performance advertisers. By adding MoPub inventory to their supply mix for full screen and rewarded video formats, Bigabid saw meaningful improvements from Q3 2020 to Q4 2020, demonstrated by key performance metrics such as:

eCPI decreased by 67% 
by accessing high-intent users on MoPub

Exceeded 150% ROI
in their retargeting activity by increased audience reach provided by MoPub

The number of impressions increased 50%
by accessing significantly more inventory on MoPub

Bigabid’s creative optimization improved performance and drove more engagement for their advertiser client

The average CTR increased by 41%, which contributed to the overall ROI increase of 36%.

High-quality traffic is offered by many but delivered by few. We partnered with MoPub looking to achieve this, and ended up with much more. From a seamless onboarding process to working with their knowledgeable support team, we gained high quality, safe traffic at scale as well as a prosperous, ever-evolving partnership.

Ready to maximize
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Ready to maximize your mobile revenue?