Beijing’s Bole Games sees ARPDAU lift thanks to MoPub’s 30-day growth sprint initiative

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Beijing, Bole Games has become a global leader in the casual mobile gaming category. Bole Games is well known for their top-ranking social casino games such as Cash FrenzyTM1 and Lotsa Slots2. They belong to the new breed of publishers who leverage both in-app purchase (IAP) and in-app advertising (IAA) for game monetization.

1 Q1 2020: Top 3 download ranking in the US and UK; Top 10 Revenue rank for US and UK.
2 Q1 2020: Top 10 download ranking in the US and UK


Bole Games has relied exclusively on MoPub’s monetization platform for mediation services since 2018. As part of their ambitious growth plans, they sought additional advice on how they could further improve their monetization strategy. Specifically, Bole Games found that they needed help in the following key areas: 

  • Lack of performance benchmarks for waterfall improvement in casino vertical
  • Need for a more robust framework to maximize ARPDAU at the app level 


In order to provide more granular insights into how Bole Games’ top apps were performing, as well as additional guidance on which network price points could best support ARPDAU maximation, MoPub developed a publisher-first approach in the form of a 30-day ARPDAU growth sprint3. Throughout the 30 days, both teams worked closely to address the following areas:

  • 360° monetization performance analysis for iOS and Android at the app level to identify and adjust all revenue blockers 
  • Hands-on implementation and optimization support to enable trust that data- driven recommendations will work from the get-go 
  • Monetization best practices and training to educate Bole Games to better utilize MoPub Analytics for revenue optimization

3 The ARPDAU Growth Sprint is a publisher-first initiative to enable better collaboration with our customers and also increase cross-functional alignment between teams to ensure that we can deliver the best results for our publishers.


After a 30-day collaborative effort focusing on waterfall optimization, Bole Games experienced:

  • 15% ARPDAU increase on Slots Casino-Jackpot Mania
  • 9% ARPDAU increase on Cash FrenzyTM Casino
  • 5%-8% ARPDAU uplift on the remaining 4 apps they optimized with MoPub 
  • A better understanding of which metrics to use in MoPub Analytics to optimize waterfall setup

4 MoPub looked at Bole Games’ waterfall setup during the timeframe of May 2020 through June 2020 and made recommendations based on an Index of network price points and waterfall health during that time period (such as removing certain line items, adjusting eCPMs, etc.)
5 The 30 day collaboration period took place from May 19, 2020 through June 16, 2020 

Throughout the 30 days, the MoPub team provided us with in-depth guidance on each ad format‘s waterfall optimization. We also realized that MoPub Analytics is a powerful business intelligence tool after the MoPub team demonstrated how to utilize it efficiently. The ARPDAU lift after this sprint gave us more confidence in our monetization strategies.

Webber Wang, Head of Monetization at Bole Games

We appreciate the initiative put forward by the MoPub team as it showed their dedication in helping us grow. The collaboration allowed both teams to share insights and learnings. The team also provided us with network recommendations and best practices to help set us up for further success.

Freddy Xie, Monetization Specialist, Bole Games

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