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CyberAgent’s Ameba implements Advanced Bidding to improve ARPDAU and reduce operational time

Published by CyberAgent Inc. in 2006, Ameba is Japan's largest blogging service enjoyed by over 65 million users to play games, consume the latest entertainment news, and stay in touch with over 16,0001 celebrities and entertainers who maintain their official blogs on the platform. 

Ameba has been a partner of MoPub since 2018. When Ameba became aware of Advanced Bidding, the team decided to start testing bidding with the goals of further improving ad revenue and operational efficiency.

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Based on historical eCPM, the process of manually optimizing the waterfall was inefficient and time-consuming. The Ameba team also recognized that the traditional method of monetization also lacked demand diversity as most of the revenue is often generated by only a small number of demand sources. As the waterfalls became more complex, they required more resources for maintenance and experienced higher latency. 
The Ameba team realized their ad monetization approach needed to be optimized in order for in-app advertising (IAA) to become a durable revenue stream. They also needed to improve their operational efficiency by reducing their reliance on extensive line-item set-up, ensuring a positive return-on-effort, and allowing the team to focus on more strategic efforts such as testing and integrating additional ad networks.

Solution and results

Feeling challenged by the existing mode of operation, Ameba decided to implement MoPub’s Advanced Bidding solution. Since Ameba had previously been monetizing with MoPub, the process to enable Advanced Bidding was quick, with little setup work involved. Through Advanced Bidding, network advanced bidders are able to compete in real-time against the 130+ DSPs on MoPub Marketplace.

To evaluate the performance of Advanced Bidding, Ameba ran an A/B test on MoPub to primarily measure the impact on ARPDAU. The Ameba team saw a significant increase in revenue, spent less time on the day-to-day waterfall management and optimization, and experienced decreased latency due to waterfall simplification. Specifically:

Average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) increased by 37% on iOS and 31% on Android on native ad placements.2
2MoPub internal data based on 3 weeks of A/B test - June 2020

Total revenue per ad request, including direct sold deals, increased by 20% on iOS and 12% on Android.3
3CyberAgent internal data - June 2020

Native ad units’ latency reduced by 10%.4
4MoPub internal data - May 2020

Given the positive results, Ameba decided to enable Advanced Bidding across all native ad placements. They are also in the process of A/B testing and rolling it out on other banner ad placements.

“We are always looking for new demand and solutions to maximize revenue in the programmatic environment. With the introduction of Advanced Bidding, we were able to increase our profitability, reduce our operational costs, and eliminate our dependency on a specific demand source. We are also very grateful for MoPub's support system and the fact that we were able to achieve this with minimum effort. Going forward, Ameba will continue to take on new challenges to maximize revenue.”

Tetsuhito Ikeda, Ameba App Monetize Manager, CyberAgent, Inc.



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