Games Vessel reduces ad ops time by 90% and sees 40% lift in ARPDAU after moving to MoPub

Founded in 2019 by Yue Wang, Singapore-based app publisher Games Vessel is an up-and-coming mobile game company that has published hits such as ColorPlanet: Paint by Number and Oil Painting Color by Number.

Games Vessel monetizes its games with a combination of in-app purchases (IAP) and in-app advertising (IAA). Thanks in part to MoPub’s flexible and transparent monetization platform and Advanced Bidding (which counts Facebook Audience Network and AdColony, amongst others as bidding partners), they have been able to improve their ad performance, enhance operational efficiency, and allow the team to focus on more strategic initiatives.



Games Vessel initially relied on its home-grown mediation solution given their requirements for customizability and transparency; but most importantly a solution that is unbiased and they know they can trust. Having operated its own mediation solution for half a year, they began to recognize the costs and resources required to maintain its own solution outweighed the benefits. Furthermore, it’s unable to offer the latest innovations much of the industry is moving toward - one of which being in-app bidding, which enables ad networks to bid in real-time alongside demand-side platforms (DSPs).


Solution & results

Games Vessel decided to monetize its portfolio of apps with MoPub and eventually implemented Advanced Bidding, which enables ad networks to compete in a unified auction against 130+ DSPs from MoPub Marketplace. Since going live with MoPub and Advanced Bidding, the Games Vessel team has spent significantly less time on waterfall management and optimization, reducing their ad operational time by 90%. Furthermore, they’ve seen a 40% increase in average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) since partnering with MoPub.


MoPub is the most efficient, transparent and unbiased total monetization platform we’ve evaluated. The powerful platform along with Advanced Bidding helps us improve our in-app advertising performance and ad operation efficiency tremendously. MoPub Analytics also provides unparalleled insights which helps us make much more informed decisions to optimize waterfall with very little effort. The professional consultation and support from MoPub Client Services team really helps us understand and use the platform correctly and resolve any issues along the way.

Wang Yue, CEO and Founder, Games Vessel

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