Advanced Bidding boosts ARPDAU and powers growth for chart-topping app publisher Homa Games

Recognized for their chart-topping hits such as Sky Roller and Nerf Epic Pranks, Paris-based app publisher Homa Games is a leading mobile entertainment company with over 30 games to its name.

The company was founded in 2018 by Olivier Le Bas and Daniel Nathan; in addition to developing their own games, the Homa Games team also partners with more than 200 app studios worldwide.

Homa Games leverages a combination of in-app purchases and advertising to monetize its portfolio of games. Thanks in part to MoPub’s hands-on client services, unique demand from Twitter, and Advanced Bidding (which counts Facebook Audience Network, Mintegral, and Verizon, among others, as bidding partners), they have been able to increase their average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU), save time, and get back to the business of creating great games.



Homa Games needs to ensure that mobile app monetization is optimized in order to fund innovation; they also need to make their monetization effort as efficient as possible so the team can focus on game development. Witnessing the benefits of in-app bidding from his peers, Daniel Nathan, CEO of Homa Games, was interested in joining the app bidding movement, in which ad networks are enabled to bid in real-time alongside demand-side platforms (DSPs).


Solution and results

Homa Games started working with the MoPub monetization platform in the summer of 2019 on some of their early games. Soon, they realized the power of the platform and in October 2019, selected MoPub as their platform of choice for all of their existing games and future releases, including their next big-bet: Sky Roller.

Homa Games decided to implement Advanced Bidding in Sky Roller. Among the 30+ titles Homa Games has launched to date, Sky Roller is the company’s #1 hit. The app has reached 65M+ downloads worldwide and has been one of the top 10 mobile games on iOS and Android worldwide. Homa Games has been named among the top 10 publishers in downloads in Q1 of 2020 by AppAnnie.

Homa Games participated in an A/B test that compared the results of Advanced Bidding to a very well-optimized waterfall setup, and the results exceeded their expectations:

We are very happy with the support that the MoPub team provided us during the Advanced Bidding test on Sky Roller. The increase in ARPDAU and LTV made us believe we were headed in the right direction and be more confident to activate bidding in our games. Advanced Bidding also frees us up from the drudgery of waterfall management, allowing us to focus more on other optimisations like user segmentation, retention and improving our game mechanics. We are also excited that more major networks are becoming available as Advanced Bidders very soon!

    Daniel Nathan, Cofounder & CEO, Homa Games

In addition to growing their revenue and making the monetization effort more efficient with Advanced Bidding, the MoPub client services team provided hands-on optimization guidance to ensure Homa Games achieves long-term sustainable success.

Since the first day, MoPub has been very supportive in making sure Sky Roller would become a global hit. They provided frequent waterfall optimisation recommendations which allowed us to maintain the ARPDAU of Sky Roller at a high level and to keep scaling our user acquisition globally. They also trained our team on their automation tool which allows us to set up and duplicate waterfalls much faster. It's a precious time saver when we want to launch new games and scale them rapidly.

    Olivier Le Bas, Co-founder & CRO, Homa Games