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Metajoy jumps 20% in ARPDAU and 30% in operational efficiency with Advanced Bidding in 2 weeks

Metajoy Advanced Bidding

Metajoy was founded in 2018 with its headquarters in Chengdu, China. Metajoy boasts over 200 million downloads and popular games like Puzzledom, Drag n Merge and Onet 3D. 

The company has been using MoPub since it started and integrated Advanced Bidding on select titles and formats in 2019. Metajoy now leverages MoPub’s Advanced Bidding solution for all of its 22 apps.



While the traditional waterfall-based approach provided Metajoy with substantial control, the team was finding it quite tedious and complicated. Due to the size and complexity of these waterfalls, Metajoy saw severe latency and was prone to making mistakes when optimizing the waterfall by country or ad space. Metajoy needed a solution that helped streamline its operational efforts as well as reduce latency without sacrificing, and ideally increasing, ARPDAU.


To address some of its challenges, Metajoy decided to test Advanced Bidding for its key ad formats (i.e. rewarded, interstitial and banner) on a number of other apps. Metajoy started out with supporting bidding networks like Facebook Audience Network, but then expanded to others like AdColony, Pangle, Vungle and Tapjoy. Within just two weeks, Metajoy saw immediate and impressive results.


Metajoy not only saw its operational efficiency increase by 30%, but the company also experienced a 20% jump in ARPDAU two weeks after expanding its Advanced Bidding strategy, based on Metajoy internal data. With these performance numbers and this kind of success, Metajoy subsequently moved all of its apps to Advanced Bidding and added additional bidding networks. Now Metajoy is able to focus less on ad monetization and instead dedicate more time to other efforts that generate growth in the short and long terms.

1Metajoy internal data, June 2020

Advanced Bidding has decreased the workload for our ad monetization optimization team, reduced our error rate, increased our level of revenue, and allowed us to more confidently meet all challenges in an intensely competitive market which changes daily. We are grateful to MoPub and hope that its products will keep improving.

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