Playrix and MoPub: Building a long-term partnership

“Since working with MoPub, we have been able to focus more qualitatively on monetization, while spending less time on the day-to-day. Thanks to Advanced Bidding, not only are we seeing a sustained increase in ARPDAU, but we are also spending less time adjusting the traditional waterfall.”

Anastasiia Zdybel, Head of Monetization, Playrix

Playrix is a top mobile game development company founded in 2004. They started off as a casual game developer creating several award-winning titles for PC; since 2011, they’ve focused on free-to-play games for smartphones and tablets. Wildscapes, Homescapes, Gardenscapes, Township, and Fishdom have consistently been among the Top 50 Grossing Apps for iOS and Google Play since their release.

Playrix's Township gaming app
Playrix's Township game has seen impressive downloads


As one of the early movers in the rewarded video space, Playrix quickly realized that none of the available mediation platforms fully supported their needs and developed an internal mediation solution. Over the last few years, Playrix has continued to launch new mobile games into the top 50 grossing list and as such, saw a monumental increase in ads revenue. As solutions such as Advanced Bidding and impression-level revenue data appeared on the scene, Playrix’s mediation started to fall behind what the market was offering, so they set out to do an assessment of all of the main providers.  

Playrix had a very simple list of criteria for choosing the right monetization platform:

  • Playrix needed a platform that they could grow on for years to come. This meant having the features they needed today, as well as a shared vision for new products and features that would provide future growth.
  • They wanted a partnership. Even large developers still have relatively lean teams when it comes to monetization, and it was important for Playrix to make sure the platform they chose had the people to back it up, from support when there are issues with their network partners, to optimizations and consulting on which ad placements they could test in their games.
  • Lastly, they wanted a partner that put privacy, transparency, and integrity at the centre of everything they build. This meant no black boxes, no manipulations, and no competitive business lines to Playrix.



MoPub’s key driving values aligned perfectly with Playrix’s needs and ultimately led Playrix to choose MoPub as their long-term monetization solution in January 2020. Here’s how MoPub met Playrix’s call for a long-term partner:

  • Platform. MoPub is a market leader in platform features that can help publishers increase their average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU). Thanks to investments in products like Advanced Bidding and impression-level revenue data, MoPub publishers have access to the latest solutions and tools to most efficiently and effectively monetize their apps. MoPub’s platform is built to deliver maximum revenue, increased operational efficiency, and tailored user experiences for our publishers.
  • People. MoPub’s publisher services, exchange analysts, and technical support team members pride themselves on going above and beyond. From short-term optimisation recommendations to long-term strategic direction, our teams’ expertise comes from years of hands-on experience helping thousands of top apps maximize their ads monetization and their time. (Example: MoPub’s team is able to help publishers quickly and easily set up new waterfalls and duplicate existing waterfalls in the MoPub platform using an in-house automation tool, something that Playrix took advantage of as they moved over to MoPub.) From day-to-day assistance to major strategic planning, the MoPub team acts on clients’ behalf as dedicated partners who put app publishers first, with radical candor and unbiased objectivity.
  • Powered by Twitter. MoPub is part of the Twitter family, and MoPub’s publishers benefit deeply: Twitter is a publicly-traded company that puts privacy and security first, maintains deep and global relationships with top brands, and delivers incremental and differentiated demand to MoPub’s partners. MoPub also enjoys shared resources across Twitter’s highly robust technical infrastructure, allowing publishers like Playrix to build and grow their businesses with confidence.

Playrix and MoPub’s partnership is off to a strong start, seeing immediate short-term results while building the foundations for long-term growth together. As Playrix puts it:

Working with MoPub has been an absolute delight from the onset. From the technical exploration, through to commercial, legal and technical milestones, the MoPub team has been fun to collaborate with, very knowledgeable of their product and processes; their integrity really shines through and we really value the level of trust we have in this partnership

Maxim Kirilenko, Senior Director of Business Development, Playrix

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