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Polaris Office jumps 466% in ARPDAU and 700% in overall ad revenue with Advanced Bidding

Established in 1997 and headquartered in Seoul, Korea, Polaris Office manages three major apps that account for over 100 million downloads combined: Polaris Office, Polaris Viewer, and Bluetooth Battery (Android and Amazon only).

Polaris Office Advanced Bidding

You can access their apps on iOS, Android, and Amazon. Led by acting CEO Jun Gyeong Ji, Polaris Office originally partnered with MoPub back in 2018 as a demand source only; they then migrated to MoPub’s full-platform mediation solution in February 2021. In that same month, Polaris Office also enrolled in Advanced Bidding — MoPub’s in-app bidding solution — which currently includes all three of their major titles. Historically, ads make up about 60% of Polaris Office revenue, but the company does also offer in-app purchases and subscription items that provide a non-ads experience to complement the ad-supported revenue stream.




Polaris Office was looking to further increase overall revenue as well as ads’ percentage of overall revenue. Polaris Office had been using different mediation solutions before (one external provider for around five years as well as an internal solution for Polaris Office), and then another platform starting in January 2021. Unfortunately, neither solution increased the revenue to the extent that Polaris Office expected, and their prior mediation partner did not support native ad types which is an important format for them. As they explored new mediation partners, Polaris Office tested MoPub’s full-platform and Advanced Bidding solutions beginning in February 2021, and were pleased with the results.

The MoPub Difference

Leveraging MoPub, Polaris Office took a three-pronged strategy to increase ad revenues and measure success:

Raising ARPDAU with multiple line items in their waterfall

Raising impressions by adjusting and adding more ad placements within their apps

Expanding MoPub mediation to apps in the Amazon Appstore

Polaris Office chose MoPub because:

Advanced Bidding’s capabilities, with increased bidding networks participating.

For example, Polaris Office leveraged AdColony, Facebook Audience Network, Pangle, and Vungle as Advanced Bidding networks partners.

Multiple integration points with supported and custom networks, and the ability to support native ads.

Polaris Office started testing MoPub against other mediation providers with Polaris Office and Polaris Viewer across rewarded, interstitial and banner formats.

MoPub’s support for apps in the Amazon Appstore.

enabling Polaris Office to generate ad revenue with apps available on the Amazon Appstore.

The results they observed when comparing success metrics and performance data

between their previous mediation partner, and the results they saw with MoPub. After those initial tests and due to the impressive results they saw, Polaris chose MoPub as their mediation platform of choice.

For these reasons, Polaris Office’s leadership felt they could take the next step to partner with MoPub and 


With Advanced Bidding, Polaris Office increased their overall ad revenue 700% for iOS and 250% for Android for April 2021, compared to January 2021.

eCPM also saw a 367% increase, jumping to $2.23 in April from $0.48 in January.

MoPub also helped Polaris Office increase their in-app ads revenue from approximately 60% to 80% of their total revenues.

MoPub supports our multiple ad types and is a good mediation platform for enhancing our monetization efforts, helping with supported as well as custom elements. In particular, we really valued their native support. We highly recommended companies that develop and manage apps utilize MoPub.

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