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Solebon’s set up time drops 700%, while driving up revenues by leveraging Advanced Bidding

Solebon Advanced Bidding

Founded by David Palan and Paul McDonald, Solebon publishes one of the first 500 apps that launched with the App Store in 2008.1 They develop notable titles like Solebon Solitaire, Letterpress (iOS’s runner-up for app of the year in 2012) as well the “original” 2048 that took the world by storm in 2014.2 In that same year, Solebon began partnering with MoPub for in-app ad monetization. Fast forward to January of 2020, Solebon embraced in-app bidding, bringing MoPub’s Advanced Bidding to all their apps.



Solebon turned to Advanced Bidding for a number of reasons, but notably it was an effort to reduce their operational headaches as well as generate stronger performance. With in-app purchases (IAP) comprising around 5% of revenues, ad monetization is super important to Solebon’s growth. While Solebon looked at other external bidding implementations, they found them to be complicated and with weaker performance for fill as well as eCPM. The hope was for Advanced Bidding to deliver incremental demand, while not taxing the team’s hours.


Solebon kicked off their Advanced Bidding implementation on their key three apps and their interstitial format. They tested Advanced Bidding against not only traditional waterfalls on MoPub, but also in contrast to other bidding solutions. Across all tests, Advanced Bidding outperformed for revenue increases as well as saving the Solebon team time.3


After just a few days in Q1 2020, Solebon saw substantial improvements in both revenue and operational efficiency. eCPM grew, notably 2X for Facebook Audience Network and 60% for the MoPub Marketplace, compared to Solebon’s traditional waterfall setups.4 Meanwhile, setup time drastically dropped 700% from about 4-5 hours to 30-60 minutes.5 Solebon also experienced additional efficiencies after setup without the need to continually update line item priorities.

3MoPub internal data
4Solebon internal data
5Solebon internal data

Advanced Bidding is much easier to manage than traditional waterfalls and far superior to these quirky pre-bid solutions. It is the natural evolution of the SSP. I’m convinced we are earning more in terms of both yield (eCPM) and impressions filled. It’s just more efficient.

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