Gaming Trends: EMEA app monetization report

Especially during a period of global change, it’s perhaps more important now than ever to understand how mobile publishers across various regions are pioneering and adapting to mobile monetization trends. In the same way we recently explored gaming monetization trends in Asia-Pacific, we’ll take a look at the upcoming trends that are impacting the EMEA market and factors that matter most to gaming app publishers in EMEA when it comes to choosing a mediation platform. 

In this report you'll learn:

  • What makes hyper-casual games a successful genre in EMEA

  • Why automation should be a key consideration for app publisher monetization strategy

  • What makes rewarded video a popular ad format in EMEA 

  • The importance of an unbiased platform 

  • The types of technical capabilities and metrics that are valued by European publishers 

  • How customer support is crucial to app publisher success in this region  


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