Connect with your
audience on mobile



Connect with your audience on mobile

Connect with your audience on mobile

We live in the mobile era.

Your audience is spending time in mobile apps, and our programmatic experts have the insights to help you connect. Our world-class team has years of mobile-first experience and deep relationships across global demand-side platforms (DSPs) and top mobile publishers to maximize your programmatic investment.

Need a refresher on what programmatic is, how it works, and some common myths? Check out our guide for marketers.

Whether you’re a brand advertiser, agency, trading desk, or performance marketer — MoPub has solutions designed to help you meet your key goals by connecting you with the right audience in the mobile app environment.


What is programmatic?

How RTB works - MoPub

Programmatic platforms use technology and software to make digital ad buys. It’s that simple. The most common type of programmatic ad buying uses real-time bidding (RTB) exchanges, where inventory is bought on a per-impression basis in an auction environment. MoPub operates the leading mobile in-app real-time bidding exchange, MoPub Marketplace.


Why programmatic real-time bidding?

Programmatic RTB advertising allows you to access your audience more efficiently and transparently. Rather than pre-purchasing impressions in bulk, programmatic media buying uses software to make an informed decision about every single impression in real time. You have insight into exactly where each impression appeared, the ad unit used, and the audience reached. You can also optimize in real time.

Why mobile-in app?

Reach your audience any time, in any place. Consumers are spending the majority of their digital time on mobile devices, and the bulk of that time in mobile apps. We’ll let the stats speak for themselves: in 2020, US adults will average 4hrs18mins per day on their mobile devices. That’s more than twice as much time as they’ll spend with desktop, and 30 minutes more than they’ll spend with TV. When it comes to mobile, we believe apps provide the best quality of user experience, and they certainly hold the quantity of time spent: 88% of mobile time is spent in-app.*

Source: eMarketer, US Mobile Time Spent 2020

Why MoPub?

Reach your audience at scale and with confidence: MoPub connects you with more than 55,000 mobile apps on over 1.5 billion unique devices around the world. We take transparency and brand safety seriously, with a multi-step approach to supply quality that includes publisher vetting, third-party partnerships for measurement and verification, and policy enforcement that leverages Twitter’s global Policy Operations organization.

Audiences engage with mobile apps differently than with websites and other media.  In order to connect with today’s mobile users, ads need to be specifically built to make a high impact on a small touchscreen. MoPub offers the mobile-endemic ad formats that advertisers need, including native ads, playables, and a full suite of video solutions designed to drive results.

MoPub is proud to be part of the Twitter family, which comes with many benefits including access to shared resources, unique audience insights, and a robust infrastructure. Twitter also takes data and privacy very seriously; privacy by design is a priority with every product Twitter builds, and privacy and data protection is the heart of Twitter's 2020 company-wide priority to build products that earn the trust of people who use them.

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