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#ElevateYourGame How MoPub helps brands reach the right audience

Get to know MoPub, powered by Twitter

Brands trust MoPub to help them connect with audiences where they’re spending their time: in mobile apps. MoPub operates the leading mobile in-app exchange, programmatically connecting buyers to in-app inventory around the globe. Publishers use MoPub as their inventory management platform, giving MoPub transparency and access to their inventory in a 100% SDK-direct manner. Founded in 2010 and focused exclusively on mobile apps since day one, MoPub is a trusted leader in the in-app space.

Brands need to connect with people where they're spending their time.

We live in the mobile era. In 2019, the average adult started spending more time each day engaging with their mobile device than watching TV — and 90% of time spent on mobile is in-app. 

MoPub’s role is helping brands reach the right audience with ad formats that leverage the active attention they’re investing in the apps that live on their device. Since day one, MoPub has focused on mobile app because we believe it provides the best quality of user experience (vs. a browser), and holds the quantity of time spent.


MoPub is proud to be part of the Twitter family, which comes with many benefits including access to shared resources and a robust infrastructure. Twitter takes data and privacy very seriously; privacy by design is a priority with every product Twitter builds, and privacy and data protection is the heart of Twitter's company-wide priority to build products that earn the trust of people who use them.

MoPub is powered by Twitter

Scale and reach

OM SDK certified with IAB Tech Lab

MoPub allows advertisers to run campaigns on OM SDK measurable inventory with Open Measurement-supported vendors. Learn more.


Mobile-endemic ad formats

Audiences engage with mobile apps differently than with websites and other media. In order to connect with today’s mobile users, ads need to be specifically built to make a high impact on a small touchscreen.

Video solutions

Mobile video on MoPub offers a scalable, measurable, and high performing opportunity for brands looking to extend their video strategies. The in-app video format is fullscreen, sound-on, auto-play, and integrated into the user experience, which means users are likely to be more engaged. 

MoPub video inventory is 98% measurable, 79% viewable, and sees completion rates upwards of 93%.* 

*IAS Q4 2019 Snapshot, MoPub vs. benchmarks 

Audience solutions & custom targeting

To help marketers reach the audiences they care about, MoPub offers curated Inventory Packages catering to top-of-mind goals, such as viewability, brand safety, performance, and app rating. These packages are designed to address the targeting and measurement needs of sophisticated advertisers by leveraging a single Deal ID. The catalogue of available Inventory Packages includes brand safety, high viewability, and top ranked (4+ star rated apps) packages. 

MoPub Inventory Packages are powered by unique MoPub data insights as well as trusted partners, including Comscore, App Annie, and Integral Ad Science. In addition, a unique offering, Twitter Audience Index creates curated app inventory packages using Twitter's audience insights.

Commitment to a clean and safe exchange

Traffic quality is a top priority for MoPub and our clients; we know that invalid traffic is an industry-wide concern. We take a multi-step approach to ensure traffic quality, including publisher vetting, pre-bid threat prevention, proactive post-bid prevention monitoring, and policy enforcement leveraging Twitter’s global Policy Operations organization. We’ve partnered with MRC-accredited partners DoubleVerify and Pixalate to help power these efforts. MoPub is also a member of several IAB Tech Lab working groups, including OM SDK, MRAID, and OpenRTB.

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Industry collaborations

MoPub collaborates with key players in the ad tech ecosystem to provide best-in class services in support of measurement and verification, pre-bid targeting, quality, and brand safety. Learn more about how we support each of these initiatives. 

Micro-report series: Understanding the in-app opportunity

MoPub and The Trade Desk recently partnered with Digiday to create a series of micro-reports. Goal: help advertisers understand how to take advantage of the mobile in-app opportunity.

The reports cover:

  • Channeling the power of in-app for brand performance: Viewability, reach and scale
  • In-app audiences: Gamers, videos ads and successful campaigns
  • Understanding consumer shopping habits

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