Buy with confidence on MoPub’s Open Measurement-certified platform

Buy with confidence on MoPub’s Open Measurement-certified platform

MoPub leverages the IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement SDK  (OM SDK) to bring transparency to our advertisers in the mobile app world. The OM SDK facilitates third party standardized viewability and verification measurement for ads served on mobile app publisher supply.


Independent integration verifications:

What's in it for publishers and buyers?

  • Buyers
  • Publishers
  • Advertisers running campaigns in the MoPub ecosystem are able to leverage the OM SDK to measure viewability with OM-supported vendors.
  • Advertisers can confidently engage with our high-quality supply by appending an OM tag to their creatives from their Open Measurement Working Group vendor of choice.
  • With an OM-supported SDK, every bid request will include a signal that the ad opportunity can be measured by the OM SDK. Publishers will no longer have to undergo time-consuming and costly custom viewability measurement integrations.
  • Publishers can optimize yield with access to premium brand advertiser demand that requires OM measurement.

"MoPub sets a high bar for quality, and we are excited to be able to extend the scale of IAS measurement across more of MoPub’s high-performing supply"

Jim Egan, Vice President at Integral Ad Science



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