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MoPub Marketer Program

Take advantage of the programmatic opportunity.

Mobile marketers today face many decisions, staggering amounts of data, and fierce competition when it comes to attracting, converting, and retaining their most valuable users. An effective performance strategy requires a data-driven user acquisition strategy to achieve both quality and scale. 


MoPub’s Marketer Program is designed to help mobile marketers take advantage of programmatic.

The program is tailored specifically to the needs of marketers looking to expand their adoption of mobile programmatic. Programmatic real-time bidding (RTB) provides today’s ad buyers with the scale and quality they need, along with the efficiency and data-driven insights that help them continually iterate and optimize their performance strategy. MoPub’s Marketer Program offers insights from programmatic experts with deep relationships across global DSPs and mobile publishers to help you maximize your programmatic investment, including general programmatic education, DSP selection, and activating and optimizing campaigns. 

What our clients say:

As the programmatic landscape is constantly changing, it is paramount for media buyers to keep in touch with new best practices and products. I find that MoPub’s Marketer Program helps our media buyers better understand the key metrics and makes them think about how we can adapt our strategy to keep growing. On a side note, the MoPub’s Marketer Program team is very thoughtful, sincere, and knowledgeable, which makes any communication with them a pure joy.

—Noemie Hernandez, Jam City

MoPub’s Marketer Program has helped us immensely in developing our programmatic strategy. Their expertise and assistance was key to better understanding our opportunities and growing our campaigns. We've leveraged their team to ensure traffic quality and performance, find new sources of inventory, and help strategize on new initiatives and geos. Additionally, through the program’s Marketer Thought Exchanges, I've been able to discuss digital trends with the broader user acquisition community.

—Adrián Sarasa, LetGo
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MoPub’s Programmatic Academy

Learn all about programmatic, including pro tips from experts in the field on how to evaluate partners and activate and optimize campaigns, in this on-demand virtual series.

Learn about the supply, partnerships, and tools available to you through MoPub.


Learn about the 130+ demand-side platforms that work with MoPub, how their capabilities differ, and how marketers can use them to access MoPub supply. Discover better ways to leverage data to reach your audience.

Get hands-on support for activating your campaigns.

Our team provides insights and recommendations to plan, activate, and optimize your programmatic media buying efforts and campaigns.

Evaluate your performance with post-campaign insights.



After your campaign, MoPub helps you evaluate performance with a holistic breakdown of campaign activity.

Interested in learning more about maximizing your mobile investment through MoPub's Marketer Program?