MoPub Marketplace

MoPub Marketplace is the leading mobile in-app RTB exchange, programmatically connecting buyers to over 55,000 mobile apps on more than 1.4 billion mobile devices around the globe. Marketers, agencies, and ATDs can access this supply through the 130+ demand-side platforms (DSPs) that work with MoPub.

How real-time bidding (RTB) works

In RTB exchanges, inventory is bought on a per-impression basis in an auction environment. RTB technology takes into account a number of relevant criteria to decide which impressions to buy, including available inventory on the exchange, competition from buyers, and advertisers' criteria including targeting and price.

Ad formats

Connect with your audience through cutting-edge, engaging ad formats. We offer the latest innovative ad formats to empower you to create engaging, on-brand experiences for your clients.



Video ads are one of the most powerful ways to engage with consumers. On mobile, video provides an unmatched experience: the fullscreen format captivates the user and brings the advertiser’s message to life.

Opt-in Video


Opt-in video, or rewarded video, gives the user a choice to engage with a video ad in return for in-app reward, encouraging the user to interact with more video ads. Opt-in video provides strong completion rates and give advertisers more flexibility and time to get their message across.



Native ads on MoPub are high quality, content-driven experiences that engage consumers by matching the look and feel of an app’s user interface. Because the ads complement the in-app experience, consumers are more likely to consume and engage with your ads.

Rich Media


MoPub supports MRAID so buyers can reach their audience with rich and interactive functionality designed for mobile.

Native Video


Native video ads pair the non-intrusive user experience of native advertising with the interactivity of video to deliver a compelling ad experience in a high-quality setting.



Display ads, including fullscreen ad units, medium rectangles, and banners, help our buyers scale on mobile with images or rich media.

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