Industry collaborations

MoPub collaborates with key players in the ad tech ecosystem to provide best-in class services in support of measurement and verification, pre-bid targeting, quality, and brand safety. Learn more below about how we support each of these initiatives. 

Measurement & verification

Consumers continue to spend more time on their mobile phones, especially in apps. As people’s usage of mobile apps has grown, advertisers have more opportunities to reach them where they spend most of their time. We are committed to maintaining a fair and transparent app ads ecosystem for everyone and providing advertisers with creative, safe, and high quality ways to reach their audience in a measurable way.

MoPub and IAB Tech Lab

OM SDK certification

MoPub has adopted the IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement SDK  (OM SDK) to bring increased transparency to our advertisers in the mobile app world. The OM SDK is designed to facilitate third party standardized viewability and verification measurement for ads served in mobile app environments, without requiring publishers to integrate multiple ad verification SDKs. In addition to the IAB certification, industry verification providers such as Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify, and Moat have independently validated the OMSDK-MoPub integration.

  • Publishers can simply integrate the latest MoPub SDK to take advantage of OM functionality right out of the box.

  • Advertisers can include Open Measurement tags from the viewability vendor of their choice in their creatives.

Certifications: IAB Tech Lab OM Certified


Brand safety & brand suitability

MoPub has invested in a suite of solutions aimed at helping ensure a safe advertising experience, including mobile app publisher content guidelines and policies, enforced by Twitter’s Global Policy team; brand safety targeting and avoidance controls for advertisers enabled via DSP pre-bid integrations with the measurement ecosystem, such as with DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science, that are activated on the advertiser’s behalf; and curated inventory packages based on app category and user reviews, powered by App Annie. 

Collaborators and providers: App Annie, DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science

Curated inventory

With billions of users across millions of mobile apps, advertisers need ways to segment and target inventory to reach their mobile in-app audience in-app. We know that effective targeting is critical to any digital campaign, and our goal is to provide our partners with meaningful data that allows them to better reach their intended mobile audience and cater to top-of-mind advertising objectives, such as high viewability, brand safety, and demographics.

Curated inventory

MoPub is working with Integral Ad Science, comScore, and App Annie to address the needs of sophisticated advertisers. Curated Inventory packages offer advertisers and media buyers a scaleable, easy, and efficient way to target and activate mobile in-app as a channel for their campaigns.

Curated inventory providers: App Annie, Comscore, Integral Ad Science


Operating a healthy and safe mobile app advertising exchange is a core focus for MoPub and Twitter. MoPub is committed to ensuring our customers have access to the highest quality supply and demand. We've implemented an approach that includes continued investment in third-party partnerships, coupled with internal MoPub policy enforcement through Twitter’s Global Ads Policy team. 


Protect publisher revenue and experience: Ad creative quality

MoPub is working with The Media Trust, a leader in malware and creative quality monitoring  to protect our Publishers from ad content that violates MoPub Policies for Advertising Demand Partners.

Creative quality control provider: The Media Trust

Protect advertiser spend by reducing ad fraud: Traffic quality — IVT, fraud

MoPub has partnered with DoubleVerify and Pixalate, two of the industry’s leading MRC-accredited traffic quality analytics and fraud measurement providers, in an effort to help eliminate invalid traffic (IVT) and fraud from MoPub Marketplace.

Analytics and fraud measurement providers: DoubleVerify, Pixalate

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